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I've been shouty mum today and am feeling rubbish...

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Donthackmenow Sun 02-Nov-14 21:07:56

It has been a tough day. Ds got up at 5.20, and by the time dd got up at 8 he was already being niggily. We didn't have any milk so they were both grumpy. Dh went to work at 10 and my mood has just disintegrated during the day. They played up round the supermarket (had to go because of the no milk/no bread - they are gluten free so can't just pop to the cornershop). They bickered about who was using the iPad, they messed around at tea time, bath time, bed time and in the end I shouted a lot. Now feeling really guilty and terrible but just wish I could have been nicer. I warned dd that I was in a bad mood and needed her to do as she was told but she was already whining about breakfast and after school club. I think that is part of the problem, I feel guilty that she has to go but there isn't another option and they say that she enjoys it when she is there. But my poor ds (not yet 2) didn't understand, he went straight to sleep after I shouted at him and I feel awful.
Dh isn't home yet and I feel so ashamed I don't think I can tell him. I want to be a better parent, I want to be a perfect parent but I know that isn't feasible! There were good bits to the day, we made leaf pictures and played in the garden, we read books but I don't really play with them much. I need to interact with them in a positive way more often. sad

fairylightsintheloft Sun 02-Nov-14 21:47:17

and breathe.... really, honestly, we all do it. DH and I work FT as well and often feel that we don't do enough stuff with the DCs and that we "waste" the time we do have been cross or whatever. Some days just go like that - today wasn't great in our house, DD is most definitely a Threenager for a start and DS seems to have permanently lost his volume control. Start again tomorrow and I guess on a practical note, just maybe stock up on bread / milk in the freezer so you don't start off on a bad note?

BlueChampagne Mon 03-Nov-14 13:53:54

Another one coming on to say you're not alone, and tomorrow is another day.

Donthackmenow Tue 04-Nov-14 05:55:10

Thanks. Monday was definitely easier,mainly because I was at work! Dd had a meltdown at bedtime, which wasn't great but at least dh was around to help. I think I am going to try doing bath time earlier and then letting her come back down for half an hour rather than doing the bath when she is really tired.

Woodenheart Tue 04-Nov-14 06:09:18

I keep having days like that, then I feel so guilty when shes fast asleep,
I now get Asda to deliver for £1, on a Thursday evening which helps so much,

Also I bath DD mid afternoon now, then we can take our time, and she has a little snooze straight after,

Im always looking at ways to make life easier, I'm decluttering every inch of the house & really going to have the minimum of everything we need, so its quicker to clean.

Also I put a clothes wash on before bed, give an extra spin in the morning and thats really helped my time,

Anyway I hope you have a better day today OP flowers

confusedandemployed Tue 04-Nov-14 18:49:58

I had a very shouty day on Sunday. It was, I think, about the 21st day without a break for me (had been either working or solo childcare 6am-9pm).
DD is in the terrible 2s, despite only be in 20mo and by Sunday my patience with the needless, pointless tantrums was paper thin.
After I put her to bed on Sunday I had a little cry and breathed a huge sugh of relief.
We all do it. Have a wine and remember there's always tomorrow.

MJP1 Tue 04-Nov-14 20:43:52

Me too I've been a horrid mummy today to my 20 month old, I feel rubbish as I've got a shocking cold, she's been full on and I know I've been not very nice. I am actually a childminder and luckily my mindee was kept at home today by him mummy as he's poorly.

fishfingerSarnies Tue 04-Nov-14 20:48:19

I feel like I'm always shouting at dd some days sad I feel your pain, tomorrow's a new day. Xx

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