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blood in poo

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FScott30 Sat 01-Nov-14 20:04:29

Hi, I am a bit concerned. I have a three month old baby and he has had green mucousy poo along with a cold for about a week. Yesterday there was a small speck of blood in the poo. Any advice / similar experience / knowledge? Many thanks

TallulahTwinkletoes Sat 01-Nov-14 20:20:36

How was his poo today?

Is he breast fed? Have you eaten anything red?

It is more than likely simply a big poo that caused a tear.

FScott30 Sat 01-Nov-14 20:21:37

his poo was fine today, actually yellow now whereas it has been green for a week

noblegiraffe Sat 01-Nov-14 20:28:05

Mucousy poo with a cold is normal, it's just the snot that they swallow. There could have been some blood in his snot, or he could have a small cut on his bottom. Was the blood bright red and on top of the poo?

I'd keep an eye on it and go back to the doc if there are more bloody nappies, but for one I wouldn't worry.

RubbishRobotFromTheDawnOfTime Sat 01-Nov-14 20:34:33

When DD was a few weeks old she had green poo for a while and bad nappy rash with it. Once there was a little squirt of fresh red blood in the poo, which I believe was from the internal irritation caused by the acidic green poo. Like nappy rash inside. It didn't happen again.

Does your DS have signs of nappy rash?

FScott30 Sat 01-Nov-14 21:17:28

no he does not have signs of nappy rash, although he has been pooing a lot!

lisaloulou84 Sat 01-Nov-14 21:21:35

Has he had any immunisations recently? My DS had his following his 3 or 4 months jabs, can't remember which!

RubbishRobotFromTheDawnOfTime Sat 01-Nov-14 21:33:10

If he's been pooing a lot there probably is some irritation just inside. I wouldn't worry about it as a one-off.

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