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at what point does cleaning your toddler's teeth and cutting their nails stop feeling like low level assault??!!

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inconceivableme Fri 31-Oct-14 09:32:59

DS just turned 2. Am losing the will with this and it's also so stressful. 2 x a day hell trying to clean his teeth. Have tried everything! Different brushes and pastes, him doing it himself, singing, tickling, reading, all brushing together, him brushing mine first - it's sti hell and a physical battle that ends it tears.
Nails grow so fast still too and trimming them is a 2 person job.
Help! I shouldn't feel bad about doing this should I? Necessary evil?!

inconceivableme Fri 31-Oct-14 09:33:48

apologies for typos. He's hanging off my leg currently!!!

BetsyBell Fri 31-Oct-14 09:50:54

My 10yo didn't complain about having his toenails clipped yesterday. First time he's not screamed blue murder at me about it... And yes, I do think he ought to do it himself at this age.

When they were little I used to trim nails when they were asleep.

wheresthelight Fri 31-Oct-14 10:14:25

Oh lord I feel the nail cutting pain!! dd is 14 months and has hated it from day 1! it takes 3 people to do it on a bad day.

brushing her teeth hasn't yet become an issue but I have no idea why other than I have always had her in the bathroom with me when doing mine.

hopefully he will grow out of it soon?

capecath Fri 31-Oct-14 14:08:40

DS1 was a challenge with both but now at 4 is happy with them. We won't get into going to the dentist or the hairdresser though.... I try to cut nails with a TV distraction!!

kiki0202 Sat 01-Nov-14 14:03:16

Neither of mine have had any issues with teeth brushing or nail cutting past 2, I told them for teeth their teeth would fall out if they didn't brush and they wouldn't be allowed to eat until done and for nails no playing with anyone or going out until scratchy nails are cut because the might scratch their friends. Stuck to it and they both caved before I did a few days of fighting and they both admitted defeat oh it was sweet

I don't think pandering with brushes and rewards is the way to go it's something they need to do if they like it or not. God I sound like an evil bitch!

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