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Has anybody ever tried "Chipmunks"; shoes for kids?

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anniemac Wed 27-Sep-06 10:58:40

Message withdrawn

buffythenappyslayer Wed 27-Sep-06 11:01:36

i got dd some off ebay (new ones,theres shop that do only chipmunks)

they are sturdy and just like clarks,but cheaper!

anniemac Wed 27-Sep-06 11:27:43

Message withdrawn

Radley Wed 27-Sep-06 11:28:56

I got some for dd2 last year and will be definately getting her some more.

anniemac Wed 27-Sep-06 11:45:06

Message withdrawn

viticella Wed 27-Sep-06 23:18:39

I'm glad you mentioned this, I was just wondering where to get some. DS had some bought for him last year and they lasted the whole winter fine. Nice styling too. Would definitely recommend.

Kelly1978 Wed 27-Sep-06 23:32:10

dd had soem years ago. They were lovely. so soft and flexible. perfect fit too. didnt know you could still get them, havent seen them in ages.

izzybiz Thu 28-Sep-06 10:16:46

I recently bought Dd some pink suede boots by chipmunks on ebay.
They were brand new, and i got them for £4.99!
They are lovely and really soft.
Would recommend them.

anniemac Thu 28-Sep-06 13:07:58

Message withdrawn

plummymummy Thu 28-Sep-06 20:22:58

Are the sizes equivalent to Clarks?

Scruffbug Thu 17-Jan-13 23:00:00

A pair of Chipmonk boots saved my son's foot when he was three. He was grooming our pony when the pony stepped sideways onto his foot. Apart from screaming because he couldn't move he was unhurt - not even a bruise, and the boots survived unscathed too. Excellent boots, just wish they did lace up shoes for junior girls.

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