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Preventing rolling at night.

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Writerwannabe83 Mon 01-Sep-14 10:38:22

To cut a very long story short my nights are currently horrendous with DS and I think a huge part of these issues is that he can roll onto his front but not roll back so he wakes up constantly and cries when he realises he's stuck.

Done people have suggested I make a nest to keep him on his back - does anyone else do this?

Or any other tips?

I'm desperate. I didn't get to sleep until 5am this morning and I can't do it anymore.

Natale28 Mon 01-Sep-14 12:51:32

I went through this with DS a couple of months ago. I used rolled up cellular blankets either side of him to try to stop it happening so much. Tbh it just passed after a few weeks when he'd perfected his rolling skills both ways. I know it's tough to have such disturbed sleep! Hang in there!

addictedtosugar Mon 01-Sep-14 13:03:07

In the day, start showing im how to roll back.

bangersmashandbeans Mon 01-Sep-14 13:05:05

I put rolled up towels either side of DD under the sheet and below her head, sorted the problem instantly!

Vanillaradio Mon 01-Sep-14 18:59:23

Grobag or similar? Ds took quite a few weeks longer to figure out how to roll over in his sleeping bag than without it by which time he could do both ways.

CeliaBowen Mon 01-Sep-14 19:01:14

I've heard of people tucking them in with a sheet across their tummy, tucked in tight on each side of the cot mattress so they can't raise their legs to roll. Kind of a cross between swaddling and a straightjacket! wink

moomin35 Mon 01-Sep-14 19:34:31

I have this with DS during the day, luckily he doesn't do it at night. It's irritating in the day because he rolls onto his front and wants to crawl but can't so cries, I then put him onto his back again and do it goes on all day...

moomin35 Mon 01-Sep-14 20:07:45

Sorry I realised my post is no help at all but just wanted to say I totally understand how you feel

Writerwannabe83 Tue 02-Sep-14 11:39:35

He is in a gro-bag already.

I ordered a device from Amazon that is designed to keep baby on its side but when it arrived this morning it isn't suitable at all - the packaging says it can be used from birth onwards but DS is far too big for it so I'm going to have to send it back.

I tried the towel idea to make a nest and although the concept is great is made DS scream his head off when he realised he couldn't roll on his side. As a result I put him on his side and re-positioned the towels in order to keep him in that position but I was so nervous that DS would suffocate!! I was concerned that if he rolled on his side too much his nose would be pressed against one risen area of the sheet (where the towel was underneath) and he wouldn't be able to roll back because of the towel behind him preventing it sad

I don't know what to do.

I like the idea of ticking him in tightly do he can't roll but I will face the same problem of him feeling stuck, getting angry because he can't roll on his side and just start screaming again sad

He first rolled on his front 6 weeks ago but it is only over the last 3-4 weeks that he has been doing it constantly. When are they supposed to learn to roll back?? I have him on his playmat so often during the day to try and encourage him to learn how to roll back but he just won't do it sad

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