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I'm pregnant and toddler playing up

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partyskirt Sun 31-Aug-14 19:24:56

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and recently our toddler (almost 2) is playing up big time. She's been shouting very, very loudly all the time and also has been tantrumming when we try to put her down for her (otherwise very reliable) nap. She's been extra clingy and moody and tearful. And now overtired. I'm feeling very sick and overtired myself and though DH is being fabulous it is getting exhausting.

Just having a rant really. She couldn't know I'm pregnant could she, and be acting up about that?

She did have a really weird episode the other night where we were cuddling and she said 'mumma milk... eat!' though she has been weaned for several months. I wonder if she is picking up on the pregnancy hormones and reacting weirdly.

DIYandEatCake Tue 02-Sep-14 20:43:33

Sympathies... I've been there! I'd say it's probably more likely your mood rubbing off on her - they are very sensitive to how we are with them.
Do whatever it takes to stay sane - going to toddler groups, cbeebies, spending more time with friends, anything that takes the pressure off you to entertain her whilst feeling sick and exhausted. I started doing walks with the pushchair at nap times so my dd would fall asleep with minimal effort from me.
You will feel stronger in a few weeks, hang in there and just take it easy for now.

Marmiteandjamislush Wed 03-Sep-14 09:16:10

It is hard, have a brew and cake As DIY says, I think she's probably picking up on how you are feeling, nothing intrinsically wrong in that it's part of learning that other people exist too which starts at this age. I think that the asking for BF is probably her way of expressing that she wants to be close with you. Which is a natural response to your change in energy levels, if you are usually physical with her ie running and playing, she will be wanting to spend the same time with you but in a different way IYSWIM. I would not engage re. BF request, just say 'come on let's have a cuddle and story, tv, sing.'

Does she like role play toys at all? Could you say 'Mummy would like a cup of tea or sandwich' or similar. That way, you can play without too much movement. I had major motion sickness in both my pgs.

I also suggest DIY's Playgroup and friends idea and walking if you can manage. That way she will get as much stimulation as possible and will hopefully tire out. Don't forget too that 2yo can be a tricky time re. development so be kind to yourself and rest up.

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