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3rd birthday party

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Misty9 Sun 31-Aug-14 18:31:48

After trawling through threads in preparation for our first children's party, I thought I'd post a few tips now it's done for any future party virgins (so to speak!)

We invited 7 of his little friends and 5 could make it. They're all our friends too so mostly two parents and a baby sibling attended. This was a good number we felt and ds didn't get too overwhelmed.

We hired a toddler sized bouncy castle, which they weren't too bothered about to be honest! It needed a slightly tipsy parent to encourage the toddlers to let go a bit grin

It was late afternoon 2-4 which worked for avoiding lunch but enough time to wind ds down before bed. But the provided snacks were eaten (fruit skewers, mini sausages, crudités and usual biscuits etc).

Games were treasure hunt (bung a few gold coins around the garden), musical bumps, and decorating crowns. All went down really well and the kids seemed to welcome the structure told you so dh . Free play in between but they definitely seemed to need the occasional adult interaction.

Cake midway through and present opening at the end. We hadn't planned to open presents at the party but most of the children asked to see ds open their present. It was fine.

Best thing I found was to have a bank of ideas like games and other activities up your sleeve, and do them if a lull or kids need calming down.

We finished with action song and party bag prizes smile all parents seemed to enjoy themselves too punch helped

The only thing I'd change is maybe soft play stuff rather than a bouncy castle. Or just more games - cheaper!

seasaltbaby Sun 31-Aug-14 18:37:36

Thank you misty! I've got my DD's 3rd birthday looming & not sure what to do. Did you do all this at home or elsewhere? Some great ideas & the structure does sound good, too much of a free for all might end in tears I think....

Misty9 Sun 31-Aug-14 18:46:47

Sorry, I should have said-it was at home, mostly in the garden thankfully which isn't huge, but then neither was the castle! We've got great friends and they helped clear up and mind toddlers (we've got a 4 month old baby as well).

I quite enjoyed planning it all if I'm honest... grin enjoy yours!

seasaltbaby Mon 01-Sep-14 06:34:12

Thank you, will dosmile we also have DS who will be four months then so something manageable & not too hard work is important! (It's a good age gap isn't it?!) Especially like idea of the punch!! We don't know the other parents at all as fairly new to the area so it might be a good ice breaker....

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