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Feeling a bit low..

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littleraysofsunshine Sat 30-Aug-14 20:06:04

We have three dc under 3.5, I'm Breastfeeding Ds who is 7months old.. We have been intited to a wedding reception tonight.. Dp has just gone.

I'm sat here all three asleep and feeling green with envy. I was meant to be going but I just don't feel 100% leaving Ds where he is still small (my girls are too of course but they are ok with their grandparents for a few hours if so) but Ds can be a good sleeper until about 12 some nights then feed a few before. So I don't want to take the risk as he won't take a bottle as I dread to think of him crying for me when in out.

It's only recent that I feel ok leaving him for an hour to do food shopping! But more so in the evening he is all for me at the minute. I bet you he sleeps well tonight! We was going to go out for like 7-11? All three go to grannies, 15mins away from the party. But I just don't feel like I can.

I felt the same when my girls were smaller. I love being at home with my babies, wouldn't change it for the world. And nights out are a rare occurrence ad that was my choice, and still is. But sometimes I would like to feel at ease to have an evening out. Dp obviously finds it easier as he works.. So not with. Them all day but I do hard it hard.

How do you find getting out with small ones?

Side note: I trust the people we would leave them with (grandparents) but I just feel like I can't relax like dp does

KatyN Sun 31-Aug-14 08:40:19

Can you plan an evening out when your dp looks after them all? Then you can relax properly. It's not time together, but you know that will come with time.

I think this time was the hardest because it's just before it all gets better...

It gets better, remember!

HallowedVera Mon 01-Sep-14 10:18:53

I feel the same as you. My dd is nearly 8 moths old and I haven't been out for an evening without her since she was born.

In fact this week I'm going out for the first time and i'm really nervous about it. I know I won't be able to relax but it's important for me to get back in the saddle.

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