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Refusing to play with certain kids.

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superstarheartbreaker Sat 30-Aug-14 16:53:43

My dd has a habit of refusing to play with my very close friend's child. I think she does it as a way of gaining dominance and control.
The other little girl who is about 6 months younger gets into a terrible state when ths happens. She has tantrums anyway but this seems to be. Pretty bad. Dd is 6. I can't force her to play but how do I get her to drop the control trip?

QTPie Sat 30-Aug-14 19:43:39

To be perfectly honest, I think that I would stop them seeing each other (at least for a while): as nice as it would be, we can't choose our children's friends... Can you see you friend without your daughter (ie oh out just the two of you)?

superstarheartbreaker Sun 31-Aug-14 02:05:49

We have agreed to meet up without the kids. It's a shame about the drama. I find the girly friendship thing a nightmare as dd is so girly.

MexicanSpringtime Sun 31-Aug-14 04:46:09

Oh, your poor daughter, you cannot choose her friends for her. It is so convenient for us as adults for them to be friends with our friends' children that we forget that they have their own tastes in friends.

QTPie Sun 31-Aug-14 16:45:07

Good idea, OP: sad, but for the best.

Boys can be similar too and sometimes it can be hot and cold. I would give it a break - you never know, in a few months, things may change (maybe arrange a very short park date to see). Also, at this sort of age, children (boys and girls) can be "contrary" for the heck if it.

Just enjoy some good, child free, meet-ups with your friend in the mean time.

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