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Dressing Up

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amotherfuckingquiche Thu 28-Aug-14 18:37:27

No idea where to post this!

DD has decided that she loves dressing up. She turns 2 in a couple of weeks and I was thinking to put together a box full of dressing up clothes, but I have no idea where to begin! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone knows of someone selling a bundle of dressing up clothes, that would be great too!!


JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 28-Aug-14 18:40:22

Have you tried looking on ebay and searching your local charity shops? We've put our dressing up clothes on a small clothes rail for easy access. I found the box of clothes didn't get used much as they couldn't see what was in it.

amotherfuckingquiche Thu 28-Aug-14 18:52:13

I'm having a look on Amazon now...they have some fairly cheap bits and bobs.

dolallymum Thu 28-Aug-14 19:10:25

I did similar last year for my DD's 3rd birthday.
I would recommend B&M, they have some good, and cheap, dressing up clothes and accessories.
You could also ask your family and friends if they have any unwanted costume jewellery, scarves and bits they would be willing to contribute.
You can buy boxes which contain 4 costumes in toy shops, but I found with the one I got from Asda that for all they were supposed to fit 3-5 yr olds they are a tight fit on her already (currently wearing 3-4yr clothes).

amotherfuckingquiche Thu 28-Aug-14 19:18:00

Thanks dolally. B&M? What's that?

dolallymum Thu 28-Aug-14 19:45:49

a big store that sells alsorts really cheap.

dolallymum Thu 28-Aug-14 19:46:26

workingtitle Thu 28-Aug-14 20:00:03

I was at a car boot sale last weekend and they had heaps of good dressing up stuff. I put together a dressing up box for my niece and nephew and they particularly enjoy the costume jewellry, wigs and odd things like fairy wings...

WaffleWiffle Thu 28-Aug-14 20:03:50

Kids can make their own dressing up outfits, you don't need to buy then ready done.

Charity shops, car boots and summer fates. Look for:

- Sparkly ladies tops (pref short sleeved or sleeveless) with sequins or glitter. Small adult sizes (size 8/10)To be worn as dressing up dresses
- Scarves, pashmina
- Bits of voile and material (net curtains etc) make great 'wedding' outfits.
- Sari - we found a couple of wonderful kids sari's at a car boot
- Costume jewellery
- Old glasses frames (with glass removed)
- Old shoe laces

Parietal Thu 28-Aug-14 20:06:28

Sainsburys often have some good cheap dressing up. Mine still enjoy it at 6yrs so don't just get tiny sizes.

MiaowTheCat Fri 29-Aug-14 03:33:37

I started out with a pile of random hats from charity shops and grandma's wardrobe that they tended to play with a lot (or decide the tower fan needed to wear) - from then I've added in things I've made like princess crowns and the like and now I'm looking at putting bought in stuff into the mix as well.

I'd second B+M btw... I got two chef's outfits there for the kids a few months back (hideously cute)

aubreye Fri 29-Aug-14 16:07:59

I have a collection of old Halloween costumes. Around October time you can pick up things like cat costumes which are used all year around. Also have many fairy costumes, ballet and gymnastic leotards, wigs that DH and I have used for fancy dress over the years. Recently got Anna and Elsa costumes for DC. (Anna for DD2 and Elsa for DD1). But by far, DD2's favourite costume is a butterfly one we got from my mother from a website called Etsy. She loves it so much.

TwoAndTwoEqualsChaos Sun 31-Aug-14 17:34:33

I put my collection together like WaffleWiffle but also added bits of mine I no longer needed and ready-made costumes they were given as gifts or I found in charity shops or cheap shops like Home Bargains. They also like things like old children's dance show costumes a friend has passed on, so an outfit but not a specific Princess one, or sparkly leotards and frilly skirts and things like capes, which can be all sorts of different characters.

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