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Which sling for the short term? Not expensive!

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Em1503 Wed 27-Aug-14 11:08:33

Hi, I've got a manduca carrier for DD which I like and DH really loves but DD isn't yet 3 weeks old so I feel like it's not the best carrier in the short term for her whilst she's still so little and young.

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced sling I can buy to use in the short term which will be more suitable for a newborn. I want it for using around the house and to wear whilst walking the dog.

wheresthelight Wed 27-Aug-14 11:53:11

look for daisy baby slings on ebay or Web - she does a wrap similar to the kari me wrap and it is the most amazing thing ever and only 17 quid. I wish to god I had known about it when dd was still tiny

wheresthelight Wed 27-Aug-14 11:56:28

290797793827 is one of theorem numbers as cannot Link on the app, she has put her prices up since I got mine but we'll worth it! I use mine with dd who is know 1

Misty9 Wed 27-Aug-14 18:34:54

Hire one from a sling library. I did, and then bought one the same we loved it so much smile

Theyaremysunshine Wed 27-Aug-14 19:33:06

I used a moby for the first 3m with DS and it was lovely. Moved on to a Beco butterfly. With dd I've used the Beco from day 1 as the moby was scrunching up her little foot with talipes. We've moved on to a manduca for extra comfort for me which has been great and still is now at 16m.

Tbh, I'd just use the manduca. Think you may be pleasantly surprised how ok it seems once they're in.

Littlef00t Sat 30-Aug-14 10:08:13

I know there are sling libraries so you could try some. Not sure but poss you could rent for a few weeks, long enough?

DomesticGoddess31 Sat 30-Aug-14 13:28:48

If you use the newborn insert you should be able to use your manduca pretty soon. I second sling library or borrow from a friend?

IAmAPaleontologist Sat 30-Aug-14 13:32:59

Hire or you can pick up a stretchy very cheaply either a wrap or a close caboo if you want something a little easier. this is a good selling page to pick something up second hand or victoria the sling lady sells very reasonable wraps.

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