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Anybody else find that they are still very emotional whilst breast feeding??

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Wills Sun 04-Apr-04 21:40:18


I've just started to watch Messiah 2 and got to the first "death" and promptly burst into tears and had to leave the room. 30 minutes on I'm onto my second glass of wine and am still haunted by the images. (DH is still watching it but I am safely out of the room). This is only a story so why am I so affected! I never used to be.

CountessDracula Sun 04-Apr-04 21:45:00

It's called being a mum

kiwisbird Sun 04-Apr-04 21:49:45

I refused to watch even Wire in the Blood with my desired other man Robson in it, because DH was at woodwork when it was on and I cannot bear watching it...
Mesiah was total no go for me... The news is difficult enough nowadays

Lisa78 Sun 04-Apr-04 21:51:12

yeah wills, me too. Assume its normal!

eddm Sun 04-Apr-04 21:52:59

Still very emotional and only doing occasional feeds now ... looked up the Sunday Times thread and got all tearful over the birth live on MN even though it was before I found the site (and I'd heard about it before)!

twiglett Sun 04-Apr-04 21:58:58

message withdrawn

Spod Sun 04-Apr-04 22:07:40

blimey!, which adverts??

Wills Sun 04-Apr-04 22:30:42

The cancer one! Gets me every time! Thank goodness I'm not the only one. I've just come off the phone to my dm and she's just like me STILL. I still can't get the scene out of my head. I really wish I hadn't seen it.

Spod Sun 04-Apr-04 22:37:16

yeah, the cancer one...sad. at least you're not crying at ones for washing up liquid

kiwicath Mon 05-Apr-04 08:17:58

Thank God!! I thought I was the only one. Hubby sits and looks at me sometimes in disbelief. I know he thinking "what has become of my hard nosed, never crys, bossy bitch of a wife". Delivered 3 months ago - does it get better??? Hoping so as I can't seem to pick up a mag, watch news, sitcoms, talk shows or ads without having an "episode"

CountessDracula Mon 05-Apr-04 09:57:28

I'm the same, I cry at the cancer one, I once saw the RSPCA one where the dog is cowering behind the sofa and sobbed hysterically for about an hour.

I went to see dd's potential nursery the other day and it was just so sweet that I had to leave the room and have a little snivel

I truly am pathetic

twiglett Mon 05-Apr-04 10:10:13

message withdrawn

Wills Mon 05-Apr-04 20:59:04

Oh twiglet don't start describing it!!! I'm welling up from just the description. Watched Calender girls the other day. Brilliant film but spent at least an hour before finally falling asleep worrying that my dh might get cancer again and die.

suzywong Mon 05-Apr-04 21:01:36

the cancer one with the little boy in the mirror tying on his own scarf. And anything to do with little boys being sad. (didn't stop me yelling at mine this evening though )

Lara2 Tue 06-Apr-04 13:47:56

I'm STILL emotional and haven't BF for 5 yeras!!!! Even reading a sad story to my Y1 class gets me going!! Very embarrassing - lots of blinking of eyes and hiding behind the book!!! THE worst was last week, reading 'The Easter Angels' ( the MOST beautiful book about the Easter story ) - luckily I had dark glasses on!

Chelle Wed 07-Apr-04 06:56:40

Me too! I cry at EVERYTHING now, the news sets me off constantly. I even cry in shopping centres when I hear other babies or children crying (not the tantrumming cry, just the upset cry). I am a disgusting, emotional wreck and my children are nearl 5 and nearly 2 and I'm not even pregnant! I hope it gets better soon!

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