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Need 2month old advice

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beckiebee04 Fri 08-Aug-14 16:26:57

My two month old is constantly sucking her hands but won't have a Dummy, she spits them right out, even after feeds she has a nap n starts sucking her hangs or sucking thin air lol, does this mean anything.? Someone said could be early teething

Chickz Fri 08-Aug-14 16:31:31

My dd did this. I don't think it meant anything, was just a comfort thing.

QTPie Fri 08-Aug-14 17:04:29

Could be comfort, but sucking/chewing hands can be a sign that things are beginning to move in the teething department ( I know it is early, but I also know babies who have had first teeth at 4 months...). Certainly doesn't sound in any way worrying.

Littlef00t Fri 08-Aug-14 20:41:30

My dd is a big finger sucker and has nothing to do with teething. Babies have a strong instinct to suck.

slightlyinsane Fri 08-Aug-14 20:42:56


slightlyinsane Fri 08-Aug-14 20:43:03


slightlyinsane Fri 08-Aug-14 20:45:14

My stupid stupid phone!!

It means she has learnt she can control her arms and get her hands to her mouth. She may progress onto thumb sucking or she may not. It's just one of those things they do.

Notfastjustfurious Fri 08-Aug-14 20:47:11

Mine does it too, she's 6 weeks. Also won't take a dummy, it's just a comfort thing.

ElsiePartridge Fri 08-Aug-14 22:20:08

My DD literally came out sucking her fingers. She wouldn't take a dummy but I persevered and now she loves t and can soothe herself to sleep. Keep trying she may take it eventually

kiki0202 Fri 08-Aug-14 23:51:08

I would say comfort DS had his first tooth at 4 months and done a lot of hand chewing in the month or so before but since it was irritated gums the hand chewing would not send him to sleep, I think when its teething it's not sucking hands they really get stuck in chewing hard on anything they can get in their mouths. Teething or comfort it's nothing to worry about at all.

hartmel Sat 09-Aug-14 05:12:36

I know it is still early but have you tried giving the baby teething toys or soft toys to hold.. My son took his dummy when he was a week old. But till now he is still sucking is fingers. (He is 11 month old) it is the teething.

My MIL told me that her second daughter had her first teeth with 3 month.

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