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Nappy rash

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LynnieT49 Thu 07-Aug-14 21:00:43

My poor wee boy has started suddenly with a nappy rash. Any tips on how to get rid & prevent? I use sudocrem everyday. I notice the rash continues onto his thighs and a little on his tummy. Is this normal?

Woodenheart Thu 07-Aug-14 21:06:27

My DD had an awful rash from Sainsburys nappies, especially around the waist band.

We can now only use Lidl nappies, they are great.

She still gets a rash when teething, The only cream thats worked for us is Titanium, ( tesco etc sell it)

She had a thrush type rash once, and needed cream from the Gp.

Woodenheart Thu 07-Aug-14 21:07:18

Metanium sorry!

FoxSticks Thu 07-Aug-14 21:14:47

Metanium is brilliant for clearing up nappy rash. I was advised by the midwifes not to use sudocrem every nappy change as it blocks the breathable material in the nappy and stops the moisture from being absorbed properly, so maybe try stopping sudocrem?

Miggs28 Thu 07-Aug-14 21:14:49

Agree with pp Metanium is great. We use bepanthen for everyday and then breakout the Metanium for when rashes appear.

Mondaybaby Thu 07-Aug-14 21:20:50

But follow the instructions and only use a thin layer of it. And it stains if you get it on clothes. But it is the best.

Woodenheart Thu 07-Aug-14 21:21:20

Sorry yes, Yellow metanium when the rash appears & I use Metanium Everday the rest of the time,

I agree not to use Sudocream.

LynnieT49 Thu 07-Aug-14 21:25:09

Fab advice! Thanks so much. I did wonder if it was due to teething as his poo (which is normally runny anyways) is very explosive and almost a shade of green. All normal I hope!

LynnieT49 Thu 07-Aug-14 21:26:37

Off to buy this cream Tomm! ��

McFox Thu 07-Aug-14 21:27:54

You could also try the Burt's Bees cream, that's really good, it cleared my DS's rash up really quickly and doesn't cause absorbency issues.

FoxSticks Thu 07-Aug-14 21:31:03

I didn't use any creams daily, I think we only had nappy rash a couple of times and they coincided with teething or grandparents not smelling dirty nappies. You may not need to use any daily cream.

KatyN Fri 08-Aug-14 06:54:55

Is she mobile? If not the best thing for us was a bit of air on his bottom. Big towels on the floor then a naked bottom. There was often a wee on the towel but he LOvEd being naked. In fact he still does.


Miggs28 Fri 08-Aug-14 12:49:40

We still give our 14 month old half hour of naked time each night before his bath because he loves it so much! As he's mobile we lay a couple of large towels on the carpet and keep him in the living room. We've had a few accidents but nothing carpet cleaner hasn't fixed.

Mummyk1982 Fri 08-Aug-14 16:38:17

Burts Bees worked a treat for us when my DD was a few weeks old and had horrific nappy rash- and a medicated cream called Timodene from the GP. We use Burts still at every nappy change - would never be without it :-)

BingoBonkers Fri 08-Aug-14 21:58:43

Cooled camomile tea. Best thing for nappy rash.

McFox Fri 08-Aug-14 22:56:12

Oh yes to the camomile tea too. I made reusable wipes with cut up face cloths which I steep in camomile tea and my DS doesn't have any problems since doing this.

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