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frustrated 21mth old - does it improve?

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milkyman Thu 07-Aug-14 20:45:45

My lovely ds seems constantly frustrated at the moment - I think it is because he can't tell me what he wants and has all these ideas which he can't physically or mentally cope with at the mo. All he can say is no, mine and more which really gets me down as they are such negative words! Nothing I do it's right it seems!

melmo26 Thu 07-Aug-14 21:46:41

It does improve, I promise. I have 4 dds age 6 5 2 1/2 & 1.
I found them all hard at this age, the screaming the tantrums, dd3 has been very hard up until lately, when her speech improved. She would get very angry at me not understanding what she wants.

It is so hard at this time but he will get easier smile

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