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How do/did you entertain your 11/12 month old?

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sososotired Thu 07-Aug-14 06:48:35

That's just it really! I work full time at a school so we are off for the summer and even though DS still goes to his childminder for a couple of hours 3 times a week just to stay used to it all he seems to get bored at home [hmmm]
We live in a second floor flat but I try my best take him to the park almost every day, let him paddle is the river close to our flat hide his toys so that they are "new" every couple of days let him run through the flat so no rooms are out of bounds! Play peek a boo! Arrange atleast 3 play dates a week!
DS is very very busy, never still not even in his sleep grin

ThirteenMeetings Thu 07-Aug-14 19:15:29

Out of interest - what makes you think he is bored? How does he express it?

Artandco Thu 07-Aug-14 19:20:29

I just took to what I wanted to do at that age tbh

So swimming, take to museum you fancy, cafe, meet friends, walk in woods, shopping. Usually wore in a sling ( on back at that age- boba 4g recommended), so they happily just watched and saw what I did.

If at home I would put them near me, so if cooking pop in highchair near so they can watch, or if sorting washing would let them sit in pile of clothes whilst I sorted etc

Curiouslyhopeful Thu 07-Aug-14 19:55:00

That sounds like a suitably fun and engaging week. Is it him that's bored or you? If it helps, it's a prime age for being a little shouty and demanding.

sososotired Thu 07-Aug-14 20:35:42

thirteenmeetings he crawls around moaning looking in all the rooms just being restless hmm

I will try a museum though haven't done that! smile

smokeandfluff Thu 07-Aug-14 21:32:35

Op-ds is like that, just whinges at home. How about swimming, are there children's book readings in the library or a petting farm nearby (ds loves animals). I bring him out in the sling around shops and he enjoys looking at things. People tend to talk to him in the sling as well.

Curiouslygrumpycola Thu 07-Aug-14 22:05:42

My ds does the restless thing. He is 14 months.

We do messy play, painting/stamping for example. This only lasts about ten minutes and then I follow it with a long bath. A lovely mumsnetter gave the idea of bath crayons. Lots of fun too.

I have a cupboard that is mostly filled with Tupperware, plastic measuring jugs and ds's plastic plates and bowls. This is the only cupboard he is allowed to play in and empty. Enjoys it because he thinks he is doing something he shouldn't be doing. grin

There was a couple of good threads about keeping your toddler entertained on a rainy day and another on entertaining your toddler when baby number 2 arrives. Both had great ideas.

If it's a rainy day I take ds2 to softplay. He loves climbing around and watching the other kids.

Book bugs, museum, city farm, zoo, child friendly cafés, various toddler groups. We also visit different libraries near us in Edinburgh.

Favourite paid for class is a messy play one.

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