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Can a Dentist fix a chipped tooth on a PreSchooler?

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Paulacarl Wed 06-Aug-14 20:45:52

Our nearly 3 yo has come off his ride on tonight on to the tiled kitchen floor. He's taken a sizeable chunk out of one of his top front teeth, and looks quite a sight (though its not hurting him thank goodness.) Does anyone know whether a Dentist can do anything about this? Can they cap the tooth, or does he just have to look like this until his adult teeth come in? (And when is that exactly?)
Obviously going to ring the Dentist in the morning but just wondering whether anyone has any experience of this.

notadoctor Wed 06-Aug-14 22:08:37

My D.D (2.8yo) chipped hers falling. I took her to the dentist to check for nerve damage etc. Our dentist said they couldn't cap it. They put a temporary filler on just to stop the sharpness but it didn't my last long! The tooth has worn down so it's smooth now and it doesn't bother her at all, luckily she's had no sensitivity/ pain at all from it and we've just got used to her chippy look!

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