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How often do you feed fruit purée to 6-9 month baby?

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Mamabear12 Wed 06-Aug-14 12:23:00

I usually give fruit purée mixed w rice or baby cereal after each meal...breaky is cereal and fruit purée. Lunch is savoury followed by purée and dinner is the same. Do you always give a flirt option w each meal or is that too much? I never give juice. Just formula and water. I just want to make sure I don't give too much fruit. He eats savoury okay, but eats a lot more when I offer fruit purée after. If I just gave savoury he would eat less.

slightlyinsane Wed 06-Aug-14 12:41:33

I always gave fruit after lunch and dinner or I'd give a yoghurt. Breakfast was often followed by toast or Rusk type biscuit. I would also add some finger foods at lunch and dinner. Sometimes as a treat I'd give a jar of pudding mush, can't remember much about what they were, some type of blueberry mush and special occasions got a chocolate mush stuff. If you're doing it all yourself go and have a look at the jars you can buy for ideas, I'd have a look at the different combinations and have a go at home.

Theyaremysunshine Wed 06-Aug-14 12:42:04

Could you offer either yoghurt or just bits of fruit rather than purée? No reason a 6-9m old baby needs fruit puréed.

Giving pudding with every meal, even if it is fruit, is a habit it's worth breaking IMO. They don't need it and it encourages them as they get older, to think there will always be a sweet option to come.

PumpkinPie2013 Wed 06-Aug-14 18:50:01

I usually give fruit or yogurt after lunch but not after tea. Nursery do the same.

Typically he will have weetabix made with milk for breakfast, something savoury e.g. scrambled egg and beans, pasta, spag bol then fruit or yogurt for lunch. Tea is something savoury similar to lunch but no fruit or yogurt.

Me and DH don't really have pudding after meals and rarely did growing up so I'm just not in the habit.

roofio87 Wed 06-Aug-14 20:41:56

I'm the same as pp, I don't think you need to have pudding after every meal, I never do. If my ds (10months) had started getting fussy and full with his main I just leave it at that. I do often offer fruit or yogurt after a finger food meal at lunch time.

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