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Last episode Brat Camp

(30 Posts)
hmb Wed 31-Mar-04 06:38:41

Did anyone else think that the last episode was a bit of a damp squb? They seemed to be bulking out the footage with the 'before' sequences (again!).

I was surprised that they let Fran out after her tantrum.

Best out come seemed to be spotty Dan.

Most likly to go back Fran or Tom?

misdee Wed 31-Mar-04 07:47:09

fran looked like she was absolutly crazy when the other girl was leading the hike. she looked mad mad mad.

hmb Wed 31-Mar-04 08:03:22

And zeor empnathy with the id, who was only doign what Fran had been doing not that long ago. Do you think that she realised what a pain she had been?

Cod Wed 31-Mar-04 08:05:33

Message withdrawn

misdee Wed 31-Mar-04 08:11:19

yeah fran was crying later on ,when she realised how annoying she had been to the others.

looked like the whole thing did Dan some good. i missed the first episode so wondered why he was on there.

Cod Wed 31-Mar-04 08:12:20

Message withdrawn

mummysurfer Wed 31-Mar-04 08:13:27

Did anyone tape it?
So mad as i've been facinated by the rest. I was out but DH said there was nothing on TV. Aaaaggghh

hmb Wed 31-Mar-04 08:35:37

Dan was there because he was depressed with life (not sure if he had clinical depression). He didn't want to get up and do any thing. 'Kevin' in a big way, with lots of dope smoking thrown in.

Janstar Wed 31-Mar-04 09:02:17

Oh no! I forgot about it too

spacemonkey Wed 31-Mar-04 09:40:42

The most bizarre sight was Rachel in her police cadet parade at the end!

I think it did them all a lot of good. Wish I could've gone there when I was a teenager

Twinkie Wed 31-Mar-04 11:51:41

Not sure about old charlie being let loose with a gun though once he joins the army - he still has that scarey look in his eyes!!

Thinks Dan's parents were a bit over the top though - he seemed to be a really nice (if not asthetically challenged) young man and they were bloody harping on at him the moment he got in!!

Still quite fancy James Fonfe!! - I am a complete SADDO!! Still hate Fran - snotty woman from hell!!

And yes the biggest surprise was to see Rachel take out her nose ring and studded belt and don police cadet uniform - I hoep her experiences out in Utah helps her be a great little police woman!!

spacemonkey Wed 31-Mar-04 11:59:22

How did James spring from the loins of such unattractive parents - he's gorgeous!

Northerner Wed 31-Mar-04 12:01:27

I agree James is lush.

But Dans parents were normal and look what they got!

Twinkie Wed 31-Mar-04 12:01:44

Actually at the end when he was being all 'my life has really changed I am off to Gordonstone!!' he started look a bit Tim Nice but Dim - all puffy cheeks and full of his own self importance - god bet we will see him in some government being a total self indulged wanker!!

alibubbles Wed 31-Mar-04 12:02:18

I think James' mother needs to look at her parenting skills as well. As a mother of a son the same age laying down the law like that does not work. James has changed, not drastically, but has become more amenable, still typiucal public school brat, but I think James would be prepared to listen and negotiate, but mum was empahatic - NO PUB!
Say no to a teenager and they will immediately do it!

Twinkie Wed 31-Mar-04 12:03:26

Bet he has a soft drooly mouth when he kisses too!!

spacemonkey Wed 31-Mar-04 12:06:27

he looked much nicer when he was all scruffy and dirty. I dare not think about what he'd be like to kiss, I'm old enough to be his mother ffs!

i disagree about James' mum's parenting skills - teenagers need to know what the rules are. Of course they will bend them, if not break them. But they still need clear rules wherever possible.

Batters Wed 31-Mar-04 13:33:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spacemonkey Wed 31-Mar-04 13:33:57

charlie's dad was hopeless i think

Crunchie Wed 31-Mar-04 13:39:54

Hold on a minute with Fran, I hated her, wanted to stove something into that woe is me face, however at least back home she was holding down a job. Before she went she admitted she couldn't because as soon as someone tried to give her the rules she'd rebel!

Also she was really upset an apoligsed big style once she had finished her strop, she said ' I am sorry I put you through all that it was so unnecessary' To me that proved she'd learnt a huge lesson. I was suprised they let her come home, but it is all 'work in prgress' ie it is easy to get clean, it's keeping clean that is the key.

spacemonkey Wed 31-Mar-04 13:41:32

I rather like fran and I think she did change quite a lot - all of them did

hmb Wed 31-Mar-04 13:42:09

A friend of mine (who is an ed psych) thinks that Fran might have some sort of personality disorder! Her comment about the rest of the kids is that they are no worse than the 'bread and butter ' cases she sees every day in work.

Fran did go off for 48 hours, not a good sign.

Ironicaly I think that 'Scary eye' Charlie might do quite well in the Army. All that anger will be channeled, and he will spend too much time running round in full kit to have much energy left for brawling in the street. Dh is in the RAF and we have seen a lot of guys 'turned round' by the system. They get the rigid dicipline that they seem to need (and his Dad seems incapable of giving him).

hmb Wed 31-Mar-04 13:45:15

And for any of you thinking about send you kids to Brat Camp 2 This is the link that you'll need!

tamum Wed 31-Mar-04 16:03:33

Coddy, I completely agree with you. I nearly put on the Sunday Times thread that one of my "things" about mumsnet was that I knew if I posted on here that the shots of the children (however obnoxious) running into their parents' arms made me cry, there would be at least one person on here who felt the same It even reminded me of holding my children for the first time as babies, too.
Spooky eh, we must be twins (only you would have had to be a frozen embryo for about 10 years)

Crunchie Wed 31-Mar-04 16:36:28

hmb, I agree Charlie will do really well he flourished with the disipline at Brat camp. Fran did have a bit of a problem with her attitude, but at least she started to see it. She blamed everyone for her own inadequecies. I didn't like her, and thought she was just like a toddler really, but quite a bit of it was down to the parents.

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