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Matilda the Musical - would my son enjoy?

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hulahoopsilove Tue 17-Jun-14 08:55:10

or is it a girlie show he's 9

m0therofdragons Tue 17-Jun-14 08:56:45

I think all kids would enjoy. I saw it before it went to west end and it's brilliantly done. I wouldn't say it's overly girly.

hulahoopsilove Tue 17-Jun-14 08:59:25

its that or Charlie and the CF

slightlyconfused85 Tue 17-Jun-14 09:58:00

It's brilliant - lots of boys and girls in it so gender shouldn't be an issue. It's a great story and brilliant music I'm sure he'd love it.

Minnieisthedevilmouse Tue 17-Jun-14 09:58:43

It's not girlie. I think he would enjoy it yes.

AntinousWild Tue 17-Jun-14 09:59:54

I saw it before the West End run too. It's brill.

BlueKarou Tue 17-Jun-14 10:43:06

Definitely not a 'girly' show. Very fun, great set, well worth watching.

(I haven't seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to compare)

ShoeWhore Tue 17-Jun-14 10:44:46

My 3 boys all loved it.

marshmallowSqueeze Tue 17-Jun-14 12:49:43

Ds (8) loved it

fluffie Tue 17-Jun-14 12:54:18

My 13 yr old DS saw both recently on a school trip to London - he really enjoyed Matilda. He'd been looking forward to seeing Charlie & the Choc Factory more but said Matilda was way better!

hulahoopsilove Tue 17-Jun-14 13:49:27

couldnt get Matilda so have opted for Charlie and the C F thank you for your advice everyone definately one for next time

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