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baby gates

(12 Posts)
AJB93 Thu 05-Jun-14 20:24:16

Does anybody know any good inexpensive baby gates? I need one that's easy to open for myself and family but I also need it to not have that part that's normally at the bottom if that makes sense. My dad has Parkinson's Disease and can't pick his feet up well, the last thing I'd want is him to fall over when he comes to visit. I need 3 gates so hence the reason it can't be very expensive.

Theyaremysunshine Thu 05-Jun-14 20:49:21

If you're in the uk the cheapest way is to go to your nearest sure start centre. You can buy them there extremely cheaply or at least you could, haven't been recently.

bouncinbean Thu 05-Jun-14 20:53:48

Do you realise that probably means screw in as the bottom part is usually needed for gates that are just pressure mounted?
There is a basic one in John Lewis for �15 that we've just installed at the top of our stairs...

mamababa Thu 05-Jun-14 21:04:04

Everything without a bottom bar will mean screwing it into walls/stair posts etc. we have a lindam one have also had an m&p one both are fine. Try gumtree or your local selling sates via Facebook etc

AJB93 Thu 05-Jun-14 21:12:58

I'm not bothered about the screwing into walls as long as its safe for both my son and my dad lol. I am in the UK but have never heard of sure start stores x
Thanks for the tips x

mamababa Fri 06-Jun-14 07:21:38

People like Argos, asda, tesco (online) do the screw in ones from£15 ish

MiaowTheCat Fri 06-Jun-14 10:25:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ihateparties Fri 06-Jun-14 10:32:08

We had lindam wall fixed ones, all the plastic parts broke over time and with the older kids using them. When we moved house we got babydan ones (they were from toys r us but loads of places will sell them) and the fixings have been loads more robust.

AJB93 Fri 06-Jun-14 11:16:21

Thank you ill look around. I need four I counted wrong lol. I've asked if he thinks he can manage with the bottom part and he said yes so ill just get any now. He drags his feet and has fell several times in my house even though there's nothing to fall over x

trilbydoll Fri 06-Jun-14 12:34:14

We have two that are effectively roller blinds. One was expensive from jojo maman bebe and looks nice but you need two hands to open and close it (major design flaw). The other was about £35 from John Lewis and is like a plastic concertina. Really easy to open and shut, and just folds back against the wall. I love it.

Theyaremysunshine Fri 06-Jun-14 21:06:30

Sure Start centres are government centres for child development and care but they're for everyone not just those needing support.

I know ours do loads of child safety stuff that is ridiculously cheap and sometimes free.

Haribolover Sun 08-Feb-15 18:07:39

We have the same as trilby. They are baby dan guard me and fold back against the wall when not in use and are a barrier not a gate. They are fab. Not particularly cheap but picked mine up half price in Kiddicare.

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