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I feel grumpy and resentful but it isn't her fault.....

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jennifersofia Fri 19-Mar-04 14:32:26

We are in a bit of a transition time in that my 3 year old spontaneously decided she was finished having day time naps. I knew it had to happen, but I am finding it difficult to deal with as this means no midday break for me. So I get cross with her for being so demanding (nothing more than normal) with the result of her acting up more. I feel guilty about it and know that I am not dealing with it very well.
My MIL suggested 'quiet time' for 1/2 an hour for her in the bedroom with toys etc. (with me downstairs) but she just comes downstairs and hangs around me, even though I give her as little attention as possible and remind her quietly that this is our rest time. I don't want to shut the stair gate and make it into a punishment, but don't know how to help her just be on her own. She is also desperately tired and more whingy in the afternoon, which makes it harder for both of us. She is due to start nursery for 1/2 a day in a month, which should change things a bit. Any suggestions or experience as to how to make this transition from day time nap to no day time nap as easefully as possible (for me and her)?

jimmychoos Fri 19-Mar-04 14:59:52

We used story tapes when ds fiorst dropped his sleep at 2.5 - ds lay in his bed and listened for 45 mins. I did quiet things upstairs, near, but not in his bedroom until he got used to it.

Now he's 4 we do quiet activities he can manage alone - drawing, sticking etc. Often based in the kitchen so I can clear up the lunch things/ do other jobs. He also quite often watches tv at lunchtime too.

jimmychoos Fri 19-Mar-04 15:01:07

ps - I know what you mean about resenting it! My ds dropped his nap at the same time as dd arrived. I had been counting on it, at least for the first 6 months!

linzoid Fri 19-Mar-04 15:03:01

I used to insist that my ds lie on the settee for an hour in the afternoon, sometimes with a video on. He wasn't allowed to get off and come bugging me but i more often than not dozed next to him anyway. A change in routine is always difficult isn't it. I couldn't have coped without our 'rest time' i stuck to my guns with it and he soon got used to it.

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