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finger food ideas for a 1 year old who wont eat from a spoon

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NessaWH123 Fri 11-Apr-14 22:02:30

Hi has anyone got any ideas for finger foods to feed a 13 month who will now not eat froma spoon and isnt a hungry baby. he will eat sandwiches, toast, crumpets, fishfingers, pieces of fruit and veg but i am running out of ideas for a main meal. I have made loads of stews, spag bol, cali cheese etc up in the freezer but he refuses to eat them froma spoon, dosent want to feed himself really and just messes with his food, throwing it around. He will eat alittle finger food when it suits. This week he is mostly eating sweetcorn!!! any ideas would be grateful that are reasonably quick as i work full time and ideas other than bread would be a bonus;) I have looked all over the internet and the annabel Karmel books but not really found anything. Thanks in advance.

ianleeder Fri 11-Apr-14 22:34:18

Mini pizza, eggs, ham, cucumber, egg and shoulders, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, mini toad in the hole baked in a muffin tray, buns (savoury and sweet). If you type in 'easy finger food' in Pinterest you will get lots of ideas!

Cordial Fri 11-Apr-14 22:37:15

I have the same problem I am thinking things in pastry. Puff pastry tarts, samosas etc. I have managed to get wraps cut into pin. wheels down her too! Good luck

Cordial Fri 11-Apr-14 22:37:42

I heard sticky rice is a good option too!

BarbaraPalmer Fri 11-Apr-14 22:42:27

penne pasta in whatever sauce
home made potato wedges
home made pizza
home made burgers

Cordial Fri 11-Apr-14 23:13:46

Breakfast ideas would be useful too if anybody has any outside of the cereal/toast style. Sorry to hijack wink

BarbaraPalmer Fri 11-Apr-14 23:16:23

eggy bread
slices of well cooked omelette
potato cakes
american style pancakes with fruit
fruit salad

kinkytoes Fri 11-Apr-14 23:18:29

Same as your meals but cut up into bite sized pieces?

NessaWH123 Sat 12-Apr-14 07:41:59

Thanks for your advice everyone we eat alot of stews and bolognaise and chilli etc using slow cooker so our own food isnt really an option and he isnt impressed!!;) thanks for asking about breakfast as yep we are struggling there aswell other that toast and fruit loaf as he now refuses weetabix off a spoon!!!!x

Isisizzie Sat 12-Apr-14 22:06:27

What kind of spoon are you using? My DD 8 months had started to refuse her weetabix in a morning, so I tried to tempt her by eating mine with her. She was interested in mine, it was the same so I started feeding her mine with my metal spoon. She ate loads the first time. So now I just feed her using a teaspoon and have no refusals of breakfast. I don't know weather it's because it's metal or thinner to go in or both it just works for us.

wheresthelight Sun 13-Apr-14 01:31:32

Carrot sticks
Chip potatoes but boil rather than fry
Hot dogs
Scrambled egg
Chicken nuggets/turkey shapes
Potato croquettes
Cheese on toast
Maybe get him to make his own food, like the dairylea packs with crackers etc in or toast pizza

Breakfast is a bit tricky! Maybe try cereals like cheerios that he can pick up individual bits?
Sliced banana
Pancakes -scotch ones are good
Eggy bread
Bacon/sausage sarnie
Scrambled egg

DinoSnores Mon 14-Apr-14 18:46:50

We did BLW from the start so the DC managed fine with stews, chilli, bolognaise etc from 6 months on. I did make the veg more chunky initially and didn't break up the meat very much so there would be clumps of meat to grab, but DD is 14mo now and I've made normal food for her for months now. She manages fine to pick up the food and we just plonk her in the bath after a messy meal!

DinoSnores Mon 14-Apr-14 18:47:50

As for breakfast, we have mini Shredded Wheat or mini Weetabix some of the time. Don't make them too soggy with milk and you can stick pick them up with your fingers.

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