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advice needed please

(4 Posts)
greenfieldsjack Sat 05-Apr-14 11:17:26

Hi everyone, i was wondering if someone could give me some please, i have a eight month old boy and the last few weeks all he has done is scream unless i carry him everywhere with me.

I have tried singing while im doing something where i cant carry him which has not worked, giving him different toys etc but nothing works

I am not single but oh works from seven and often does not get home till seven six days a week.

My little boy has a nap mid morning and again around three ish but from half four he screams unless i am entertaining him while carrying him then he wants to be asleep for six. I give him a bottle when he goes to bed then dream feed him at ten. He wakes around four crying and the only way i can get him back to sleep is putting him bed with me then he sleeps till five.

I am so tired and feel like a failure asking for advice but i feel so low and alone.

My oh will have him on his day off for half an hour but i have to go take charge again as he leaves him to cry while sat next to him i cant bear to do that it goes through me so end up carrying him with me.

Am i wrong for wanting two mins for myself? when he has his two naps in the day i should be catching up with jobs i cant do with one hand but just want to sit and relax so also feel like im letting my oh down by not being a good housewife.

I may bw blowing things up but just really making me feel so low and usless.

Thank u for reading

greenfieldsjack Sat 05-Apr-14 11:21:46

Forgot to say my little boy who is not so little he is eight
Months and is nearly out grown 9_12 months clothing eats healthly and has three 9oz bottle in 24 hours so i dont think he is hungry. :-)

elliebe13 Sat 05-Apr-14 11:25:36

I think eight/nine months is when they get clingy? I know it's not the solution to everything but a sling can be really useful.

Theyaremysunshine Sat 05-Apr-14 11:38:47

DIt's not you, it's a phase. It will pass. DS was like this and DD to a lesser extent. It's very wearing but ime there is little you can do. It gets better once they're mobile.

Don't worry about spoiling him. DS was cuddled all the time and though still cuddly is also v independent and confident.

Try a sling.
Try a baby dvd like the oxbridge baby learn to talk (i found this great from 8m ish for 20mins peace) or try baby tv for 20mins. Won't do any harm.
Play lots of peekaboo to encourage him to learn it's ok if you go away for a second. Build it up to hiding behind a door for a short time. The separation anxiety is v difficult for them.
Try saving a new game for evening. DD loves playing with the tupperware so she has a cupboard to pull things out of.
I hear a jumperoo has saved many a mothers sanity but have no experience myself.
If money isn't too tight, consider a cleaner. There's no reason you should do everything, you're working long hours too.
The mornings will improve, but ime some kids are just early risers. Personally I'd experiment with dropping the dream feed and going to bed earlier yourself.

Good luck op. It won't last forever. Hang on in there!

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