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What do you HATE about being a parent? RANT AWAY

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hlw20 Fri 04-Apr-14 15:22:59

So after my husband and i got married, we decided (yes WE decided) to try for a baby. After several months, we got lucky and 8 months ago i gave birth to a lovely lil boy and so we had our family. Most times are good and my husband is a doting father yet he complains MOST of the time. His sex drive is almost non existent now and he is always complaining about the lack of time since we had our lil one -YET I am the one that does most of the tasks but haven't reminded him that fact (yet!) Why didn't anyone tell me that when you have a baby, your husband turns into a complaining SOB that you just wanna bitch slap sometimes!!! Arrrrggghh

Marne Wed 09-Apr-14 20:49:47

I hate not being able to randomly go out ( you have to plan everything ), hate it when they are ill and hate it when I have to cook 2 or 3 different meals to please everyone ( though this is mainly due to dh being so fussy ).

FixItUpChappie Wed 09-Apr-14 20:56:46

I hate those days where you just don't feel like doing the daily routine. Don't feel like going for walk, don't feel like singing songs, don't feel like toilet training or having a tea party...don't feel like making breakfast (snack,lunch, snack, dinner etc, etc). Those days where you just want to be left alone to lay on the couch and watch tv while eating junk food in peace like you used to once upon a time.

It can be hard to rise above on those bone tired days.

Not that I'd choose anything else mind you, but that doesn't mean there aren't hard days.

LackaDAISYcal Wed 09-Apr-14 21:09:08

the relentless bickering
the fact I can't turn my back on them for more than 30 seconds without the bickering starting up

did I mention the bickering...

m00nbeam Thu 10-Apr-14 12:35:06

Love this thread. I hate the competitive parenting thing. You know the mums you meet at toddler group who say 'I've never given him chocolate' or 'She only eats organic goji berries for treats' whilst frowning at the biscuit your child is smearing on her face eating. What do these women expect you to say 'Gosh, you're right. You are a much better mum than I am. I'll try and be more like you from now on'? Because frankly, my kids are better than yours or anyone else's, therefore I'm the better mum and you're rubbish.

That stuff they inject you with after childbirth, its not anti D or vitamin K or any of the other fancy titles they give it. It's pure guilt.

The never ending mountain of ironing.

The never ending flow of snot.

Of course a 2 minute cuddle makes it all worthwhile.

Thurlow Thu 10-Apr-14 12:43:06

Oh god yes, the competitive parenting. But I hate the way it creeps up on you even if it's not deliberate. I'm an constantly comparing. A friend mentioned the other day she'd started potty training her DC, who is exactly the same age as mine. I hadn't even considered it.

I'm quite bothered by this now blush Am I leaving it too late? Am I doing something wrong??

m00nbeam Thu 10-Apr-14 12:54:56

Its true, I do that too. Why is that? I have a friend who's little boy is lovely but has a tendancy to be an annoying little whinger. He's on a stage higher reading book than my daughter, and despite the fact that he is 6 months older than she is, I can't help myself stressing about it. Crazy.

slimyak Thu 10-Apr-14 16:52:41

Oh DAISY I hear you on the bickering. Easter hols here and I have a banging head ache from hard core refereeing all day.

Thurlow Thu 10-Apr-14 17:02:45

I've thought of another one that I am really detesting at the moment - annual leave from work angry I've got one week's holiday booked this year which will be nice - but then the rest of the leave is taken up covering for the childminder's holiday (worth it really because she's so much cheaper in the long-run), illness, DP getting called into work on an emergency...

I'm sitting here planning the rest of the year - to be fair, DP doing shift work doesn't help - and just covering odd days in advance I have 4.5 days left, which is barely enough for random illnesses sad

Tex111 Thu 10-Apr-14 17:19:23

Second the holidays - same shit, different location.

Also hate when I try to do something special with the children and they moan all the way through it. Took them to Vikings at the British Museum today. They moaned about the train being delayed, the walk to the museum, the crowds, the heat, the walk back to the train, etc, etc. Why do I bother?

Tex111 Thu 10-Apr-14 17:21:45

Yes! The inane drivel! I've wasted far too many brain cells on Pokemon, Minecraft and Ben 10. I could win Mastermind with any of those topics.

midnightagents Fri 11-Apr-14 10:57:05

Responsibility and lack of freedom. I think I'm a free spirit by nature and knowing that I have to do drop offs and pick ups at certain times and will have to for the next 13 years makes me want to crawl under the duvet and never leave.

Spacetravel Sat 12-Apr-14 06:56:25

barbarian that sounds tough. I hope you d

Spacetravel Sat 12-Apr-14 07:01:09

Don't feel like that every day.

I hate the lack of sleep and the way that even in my sleep I am tense, waiting for the sound of a baby. I also hate the constant responsibility and the fact that I have to ask dp in advance if I can have an hour off here or there when he's looking after the baby. Meanwhile he happily tells me about what he's been reading or watching on telly or just thinking about and I want to say - why do you get to have free time? Why do I have to ask your permission for any of my own? (And then feel guilty about it)

monkeynuts123 Sat 12-Apr-14 11:09:41

Puke, shit, puke and more shit, snot and illness, shit and puke and more snot.

Bonsoir Sat 12-Apr-14 11:12:53

The incessant laundry that only gets much, much worse the older they get.

Millie3030 Mon 14-Apr-14 10:13:56

The boredom of maternity leave, lonely and boring. And I have lots of friends but trying to have a conversation when we have to find highchairs in a restaurant, feed our babies, make sure they are happy, change nappies, get them off to sleep, give a drink, bottle, more food aaaaahhh and then you find yourselves just talking about babies anyway!

I miss the grown up conversations with my girlfriends about moving house, careers, sex, holidays, books etc etc. Now it's all potty training and developmental milestones. snore zzzzzzz

Can't wait to go back to work so I'm also more interesting myself when I talk to my DH, feel like a boring housewife with nothin to talk about!

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