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Beautiful toddlers growing into gorgeous little people (and a new baby!!), who are the apples of our eyes :)

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Choccywoccydodah Tue 01-Apr-14 08:55:28

Another one ladies ��

lizandlulu Tue 01-Apr-14 19:26:52

Woo hoo new thread!!!

All well?

Sunday was nice, got 2 lots of flowers, card, home made card from violet from nursery. Went to Doncaster outlet, (chris's choice) had pizza hut for dinner, quiet.

Violets got bad chest again, quite bad, first time in ages it's been this bad. She's getting over it, she's really croaky. Bless her, she's been waking in the night quite a lot from all the coughing, but she was only up once last night. She's still good in her bed, I'm so surprised she doesn't try to get out. Well actually I'm not. I just imagine the worst with everything! With violet, you can bargain with her and bribe her. There was no talking to Lulu at her age, nothing would persuade her to do whatever she didn't want to.

This hour lost in the mornings is killing me! I feel like I'm getting up in the middle of the night. Is a real rush to get out the door on time. But it is nice having abit of daylight when we get home from work. I've already filled two bin bags with weeds. I don't know how they all grow so bloody quick!

lizandlulu Fri 04-Apr-14 19:55:45

All ok?

All good here, kid been off school today, start of Easter hols.w As going to go out with friend and her kids to farm park or something but got up and weather looked really cold, we he a lot of fog, I don't know if it's this smog toxic cloud thing, I don't think so, nothing smells different, doesn't feel different, just very foggy and cold, so decided against it. Went up town and play place this aft. Then weather turned nice so went into the garden trying to tidy it up sbit. Weeding and planting for 2 hours!!

Choccywoccydodah Mon 07-Apr-14 16:56:19

How we doing ladies? How's violets chest liz? Done anymore weeding?

All good here. Euan has been ill for the last few days. He's been really hot and sweaty since Thursday night when he was at my mum and dads. Been fine in the day, just sleepy. Temp was 39.5 at one point and I was really worried about him. He's just been sleeping with his shorties on sweating, but shivering. Seems to be ok today.
He's been sleeping sooooooo well! We've even had a couple of 8am mornings which has been fab!
Currently potty training and he's took to it so well, so proud of him! Tried it yesterday and had a couple of accidents but on the potty a few times.
Today he went to nursery and didn't wee at all, then we were walking through the park on the way home and he stopped and touched his willy so we grabbed the potty from he buggy and sat him on it in he middle of the path gringrin
Had a poo accident at home about an hour later twice since he's asked for a wee and had one on the potty.
Soooooo much better than when we tried last year, so I'm hoping that is the end of daytime nappies!

Choccywoccydodah Mon 07-Apr-14 16:57:34

*had both on the potty

lizandlulu Mon 07-Apr-14 17:56:08

Ohh well done Euan!!! Do you have one of those porta potty type things? They ment to be good.

Poo seems to be a problem for some kids, I've seen a lot of threads about kids reluctant to go. I hope we all get through it ok, so far so good.

Hs a lot older now isn't he and able to grasp what he's ment to do. And think of the money you will be saving!

Violets realised if she moves the stool from next to the sink she can get on the toilet herself rather than the potty. She did it yesterday morning and promptly peed all down the front of the toilet. In between the seat and the toilet itself. She ment to get it in the right place tho!!

She's still getting over her bad chest episode from a couple of weeks ago, still got a lingering cough and sounds really phlegmy, but not keeping her awake.

We're off to benidorm with mil on Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to it. It's only for 3 nights so I'm hoping we will get on fine, we usually do apart from a few niggles. I met her yesterday at meadowhall, Chris took kids racing seeing as it wasn't freezing cold and a daytime meeting. So we could have a catch up nd chat before we go.

Have you got any exciting plans coming up?

How's your brood iwish?

Choccywoccydodah Mon 07-Apr-14 18:57:31

Have just got a normal potty (3!) so I just put it under the buggy. Was looking at the portable potties last night for when we go away but they're not cheap!

He had an accident while eating his dinner, but has had 2 more potty wees which he asked for. He's not interested in going on the toilet though even though we've got a step and seat for him. That'll be the next thing, but I'm so chuffed he's got on so well after just an off the cuff 'fuck it let's give it a go' yesterday! grin

Glad violets chest isn't waking her up, so funny she weed on the toilet ha ha.
I'm sure your hol will be great, will be nice to get some sun smile It's nice you've got people to go away with too.

Not a lot going on this week, but for some friends coming from Wales on sat til mon, then robs grandads 90th the following weekend so I'm making the cake next week, then we're off on holibobs woohoo!!!!! Can't frikkin wait!

lizandlulu Tue 08-Apr-14 08:50:35

Are you going to carry it on choccy? See how you get on.

I don't have nay kind of travel potty, I just hold her, hover her over the ground! I'm the awful kind of person other people start threads about!!

I think I've got an abcess sad I've had toothache for a couple of days now and Im pretty sure it is although there's no lump. Got to try and get in at the dentist before tomorrow dinner time.

Choccywoccydodah Tue 08-Apr-14 13:30:33

Oh no Liz, how painful!! Can you taste it? My neighbour in wales had one and he ended up down a&e as he didn't have a dentist at the time and they turned him away!!! He had to go to an emergency dentist but he said it was the most painful thing ever (and he was a big builder!) Hope you can get it sorted ASAP!

Yes have carried on. Been out this morning at soft play and he wanted a wee so took his potty to the toilet but he wanted to sit on the loo, and he weed!! He's not wanted to wee since and currently asleep and dry, I think we are actually there!! Need to combat nighttime at some point but happy with daytime for now gringrin

lizandlulu Tue 08-Apr-14 16:34:09

Been to the dentist and she thinks it's probably the start of an abcess, no lump but slight redness and swelling on the gum, got 2 lots of anti biotics. £16 lighter than I was!! It is bloody painful, just a nagging pain all the time. These tablets better kick in soon. no cant taste anything but it's really sensitive to touch and feels quite spongy. I've had accesses before and it feels like that's what it is. Handy to be the day before we go on hol sad

Yes I am thinking about nighttime too. She went without a nappy last night. I took her for a wee before bed, she woke up at 3.30 but still dry and didn't want a wee, then came into our bedroom at 7.15 and she went back to sleep till about 8.40. I was dreading her weeing in our bed, but she didn't. The only reason she didn't have a nappy on was cos she refused to wear it, so will just see what she wants to do tonight. Could do with her wearing one on holiday really, don't fancy letting her wet the bed in the hotel.

lizandlulu Sun 13-Apr-14 21:16:26

I'm baaacckkkkk

Glad I went to the dentist, I started to gt in real pain, ws awful, tablets didn't take long to kick in tho and now it's almost very nearly totally gone.

Well holiday went ok, lulu ws poorly all day Thursday, sick 3 times, not very good, but perked up Friday. Violet was just violet all holiday, wouldn't sit still, stay quiet, do as she's told. At all. All the time. But loved it.

Got back last night about 11pm.

Had to take lulu to out of hours docs today as she felt I'll again and came out in abit of a rash. Theres a lot of scarlet fever going about so wanted to get it checked out, but doc looked and said it wasn't anything to worry about.

What have you both been doing?

Iwish Mon 14-Apr-14 21:15:17


Glad the holiday was ok liz, not good that lulu was sick tho. How's your abscess today? Is it better now?
How did Violet get on potty training in the hotel?

How are you choc? Is the potty training going ok?

All is ok here. Me and Lucy are full of a cold tho and Joshua has just got over the cold. Had a shite day with Lucy crying yesterday. Had a total breakdown and sat in my bedroom crying and left nick with them both. Feel better today tho and both kids have actually been little angels!!

lizandlulu Mon 14-Apr-14 22:21:09

Aww iwish, I feel your pain. Everyone has days like that, I still do sometimes, it can get on top of you. I'm glad the little buggers were good today!

Yes abcess all better, got one day of tablets left, just hope it's cleared up and all gone never to return!

Violet had one accident on holiday, she did very well. I saw ALOT of toilets in benidorm! Between violet, and lulu being sick, I spent quite a while in the toilets!! She did wear a nappy at night, she didn't argue about it.

Tonight she's gone without a nappy tho, she did sat night when we got back, she refused to wear one, but woke up in the night wet.

We will crack it, just not yet.

We're going away in the caravan this weekend too. So much to do nd so little time!

Iwish Mon 14-Apr-14 22:31:52

I just felt like I wanted to strangle the little buggers yesterday. All Lucy did was cry and Joshua was just being naughty. Luckily they have been so good today, Lucy hasn't cried much and Joshua has been very good, I've told him off a couple of times but nowhere near the usual.

Joshua still had no interest in the potty, just says nappies are nice lol.
Vilot is so good with it! One accident is great. I think I'll just leave Joshua till maybe June when it's nice and warm and he can wander around in the garden with just a tshirt on.

Where is your caravan liz? Or is it one that you drive around? Can't remember if you have told me before - sorry if you have

lizandlulu Thu 17-Apr-14 20:24:52

Is a tourer, we can take it anywhere. We're going to Skegness butlins, Skegness is the nearest coast to us. Sods law it's given out rain for Sunday and Monday.

How's your week going?

Violets not wanted to wear a nappy at night more and more. But 7 times out of ten she wets in the night. I'm trying to limit her drinks and taking her to the toilet before bed, but she just won't go if she doesn't want to. She won't just sit down and squeeze some out. She's so bloody stubborn. No idea where she gets it from. ;/

lizandlulu Mon 21-Apr-14 18:52:08

Hellooooo people, are ŷou still there????

We're back from weekend at butlins, left saturday afternoon, came back this afternoon, my god it was busy. Especially the pool area. Went ith friends who have 4 children under 9 and it was really stressful in the pool. Trying to keep tabs on everyone was horrendous!!!

On the good side, violets been dry at night for 4 nights on the trot. I put a folded towel under her in the caravan incase she did have an accident. But didn't. I tried to limit her drinks just before bed and took her for a wee, then she was fine! I hope it continues.

How has your weekends been?

Your going away soon aren't you choccy?

lizandlulu Tue 22-Apr-14 21:38:00

Well, went and jinxed myself didn't I! Went to wake violet and she had wet. She was so deep asleep that she hadn't even woken up like usual.

Still won't wear a nappy tonight tho, although she has done a wee right before bed, so here hoping she's fine tonight

Iwish Wed 23-Apr-14 21:47:43

Aww no boo to the accident but I guess it's to be expected sometimes. She's doing so well isn't she.
How's your week been up to now?

I've been out at my cousins today and we went for a walk for a few hours and Lucy actually slept for 2 1/2 hours!! She normally only sleeps 20 mins then just cries till I take her out of the pram.
Joshua was at nursery all day. He was so shattered he asked to go to bed at 7:00! I took him up at 7:10 then put Lucy up at 8:00 after her feed.

Ended up at doctors Wednesday last week as I've been having really bad stomach cramps. Doc thinks it's ibs so has given me some tablets and arranged a scan to make sure everything is ok inside confused

Choccywoccydodah Thu 24-Apr-14 13:57:06

Helllllllo ladies, sorry not ignoring you!

Oooo violets doing so well at night isn't she!! How's her chest now Liz?
Glad you've enjoyed your holidays, when's the next one?

Hope you're feeling ok Iwish. Ibs ugh! Have you have it before? And go Lucy!!

All good here, Euan is really really getting the potty thing now. Only the odd accident every couple of days if any. It's when he's playing mainly and forgets. He had his first proper asked for poo yesterday too so hopefully we've cracked the one! So nice to come away with only one pack of nappies!!!

Currently trying to find somewhere in France to do me a scan. We've got a hospital not far away so am going to go in and ask what the procedure is. I can't cope with not know what's going on for the next 4.5 weeks!!
I 'feel' pregnant but you never know if it's just in your head iykwim? Still bleeding and it's dark pinky reddy, so if all ok in there I can only assume it was a twin.
Feel sicky and generally bleugh but I won't know for a while if it's just in my head.

Currently on the way down to Dover to catch the ferry in the morning. Euans fast asleep and has been for a couple of hours so hoping he sleeps tonight lol!
He's so excited to be going in holiday, he's been asking every day are we going to the seaside today? Finally we said yes this morning and we went into town and he saw a bucket and spade set in the £1 shop and went straight for it smile

Will try and check in with you both while I'm away as we should have internet x

lizandlulu Fri 25-Apr-14 22:59:55

How are you getting on choccy?

I can't decide if your totally crazy driving all that way, or immensely brave! Or maybe abit of both! I can't bring myself to drive 3and a ah,f hours in the car with my 2!!

Have you managed to find anywhere for a scan? what's he westher like there? How long you there fro? Are you moving about or stayin in the same place?

My next hol is not for 9weeks. Only 2 nights in magaluf, but the early flight going and ore returning makes in best part of 3 days. It child free eith friends and can't bloody wait. I am fully prepared for feeling like an oap, but don't care!!

Violets chest is really good thanks, not had a bad episode for about 6 weeks, so I think is getting better eith this nicer weather were having. I've weaned her off the granules now it's not so bad.

How's your two iwish?

Choccywoccydodah Sat 26-Apr-14 06:54:34

Ha ha I think we are a bit crazy!!
But had a successful ferry crossing, successful 7 and a bit hours in the car WITH NO WEE ACCIDENTS!!! We stopped every couple of hours or so but one point he told us he needed a wee and we were 10 mins away and bless him he held it!!
And last night he didn't wee in his nappy at all! Woke at 7.20 (we're an hour ahead) and said mummy I need a wee!
Had a poo on the ferry in his pants, that was fun, but so proud of him!!
Got about 3.5/4 hours to do today then we are there and staying there for 4 weeks then smile
Then got to do the same in reverse.

Not found a scan place but contacted the people who own the house (English) and filled them in. We have a hospit 20 mins away and an English speaking dr in a local town so hopefully between the 2 we can sort it.

So glad violets chest ok now. Be nice to have a child free hol for you!

Anyway, I'm hiding in the bathroom writing this so better go lol. Xx

lizandlulu Mon 28-Apr-14 22:14:31

I take it your enjoying yourself choccy!!!

Choccywoccydodah Tue 29-Apr-14 08:22:28

Yes despite it raining every day so far! Meant to clear up Saturday. Gutted as it was 25 degrees for weeks before we came!!!
Going swimming today at an indoor place, Euan was literally in and out within seconds yesterday in the one we've got!
Got a scan booked here a week on Wednesday too so am looking forward to seeing what's going on!
No sickness or anything so I'm not sure what's going on! Trying not to worry about it as nothing I can do!

Iwish Tue 29-Apr-14 21:06:22

Hi girls.

Sorry had a shite week or so with the kids. Joshua has been really naughty and Lucy has just been crying so much.
Took her to the docs again today after sobbing to a health visitor the other day. The dr has diagnosed reflux and prescribed gaviscon. If it doesn't work will try something else.

Hope you are having fun choc! Glad you have got a scan sorted. How many weeks are you now?

Liz I bet you can't wait to be child free lol! I'm jealous of your lovely holidays. Going shopping with mum tomorrow while Joshua is in nursery so I can get a dress for Lucy's christening.

lizandlulu Wed 30-Apr-14 07:59:02

I just wrote out a long post about my friend who changed to goats milk instead of cospws milk, but remembered your breast feeding, so deleted the lot.

What causes is? Is it that valve in their tummy that lets it back out? Is she bringing milk up with it?

Good hols choccy, I'm so glad you can get a scan there, will be nice to put your mind at rest for a few weeks, especially now your on hol, hope the westher improves for you.

Some friends of mine have gone to turkey for a week, expecting warm and sun. It's raining and same degrees as here! How gutted would you be

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