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Hero Worship = 0bsession?

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Youcanneverhavetoomanybooks Sat 29-Mar-14 23:03:02

My 3yo dd has become a bit obsessed with the 9yo friend of one of her cousins. It has got to the point that she is mentioning him randomly several times a day and telling me how much she misses him - we live in a different city to her cousins. It is getting freakishly weird - e.g. - my dh asked her (as a joke while they were playing!) who she loved most out of me, him and her sister and she said this boy's name instead! She says she wants him to cuddle her and play with her. Every night before she goes to bed, she tells us how much she misses him. He has never showed much interest in her though he has played with her a little bit when we've stayed with the cousins. Frankly, we're sick of hearing his name.

She has always got on better with older children - in a lot of ways she is very mature for her age. She says to me quite often that she really likes playing with big boys and girls. And I do know that young girls do sometimes hero worship older boys. But how common is this? And how long does it last? And is there anything we can do or should do, or will she just outgrow this? Any advice please?

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