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BF 3 month old - I'm constantly ill- advice

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DirtyDancing Sat 29-Mar-14 20:53:18

I just wondered how I can possibly get out of this vicious cycle?! I seem to be constantly unwell since my baby was born. I have had mastitis 3 times, the Norovirus, a cold & tonsillitis & now another cold! I've been ill 50% of the time since my baby was born. I know the mastitis is a specific thing, but with the other illness no longer do I get rid of one thing and I'm ill again. I take post natal vitamins, drink lots of water & eat plenty of veg & drink OJ. I could eat more fruit though.

Despite my baby sleeping almost though the night now, I am more tired than in week one when he fed every 2 hours!?

Should I get my iron & thyroid levels checked? Or will the Doc just tell me it's a new mum thing & BF takes it out of you. If anyone had been though this id really welcome some advice


RalphRecklessCardew Sat 29-Mar-14 20:59:56

Are you getting enough calories? I know they say it's only 500 extra a day, but I ate like a starving person for the first few months of breastfeeding - and still lost weight. Maybe try cake?

ZuleikaD Sun 30-Mar-14 18:25:06

It has been an awful winter for bugs, because it hasn't been cold enough - we've had one thing after another here too, so it's not just you. The only post-natal vitamin you really need is vitamin D, and that will support your immune system. Make sure you get enough rest (not just sleep). You are only 12 weeks away from birth and IME it can take almost six months to feel more like yourself.

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