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joking with kids about their parents / family being useless

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jewelsorr Sat 29-Mar-14 18:41:52

What's people's opinion on people winding kids up that their mum/dad is useless. People used to do this to me growing up to see me fight back and stand up for my parents. I see no harm. It built up loyalty for my own family and made me stand up for gran has said it about my dad, her son on occasion and my grandad about my mum, his daughter.

My father said it one night to my child and my husband flipped. He thinks it was a direct hit at him and thinks my dad hates him and is trying to brainwash my kids against him. Did anyone else have people joking like this growing up?

P's. It is said in a joking way not as an actual dig and I'm certain the kids really understand this. It's all in fun

Ludways Sat 29-Mar-14 18:44:45

My ds once got a card from SIL saying "you've grown into an intelligent, handsome, well balanced young man...... Just goes to show positive parental role models aren't always necessary", we thought it was hilarious.

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