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Help - 1yo vomit!

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CityDweller Thu 27-Mar-14 19:01:23

This evening is making me feel like a new mum again as it's my first encounter with a vomiting child. DD (nearly 1yo) threw up everywhere an hour or so ago. She's been fine all day (cheerful, good appetite, no temp). It was pretty spectacular. She was fine straight afterwards, so after clearing her, me, the living room, etc, up I offered her a bit of toast and marmite (because it was her tea-time). She ate it, but then immediately threw it back up...

What's wrong with her?!? Surely if it was a bug/ virus she'd have been off form today and not had such a hearty appetite and would have a temperature. And what's the best thing to do? I'm still bf'ing, so I'll offer her her bedtime feed. Should I expect more vomit overnight?

Theyaremysunshine Thu 27-Mar-14 19:07:28

Almost certainly a bug. Could be food poisoning. Doesn't really matter which tbh.

Focus on hydration with water and bf. No solids til tomorrow if not vomiting and keep it simple, banana is good. If still going on tomorrow consider dioralyte.

Yes, more vomit likely to be heading your way I'm afraid. Have several changes of clothes/bed sheets to the ready.

And just cross everything that you don't get it too. shudders at memory of 18m old DS with noro making us abandon first holiday for over a year and the week of vomit hell

Good luck, hope she's better soon.

AtSea1979 Thu 27-Mar-14 19:10:49

I thought this was a thread about finding vomit that had been there a year...

CityDweller Thu 27-Mar-14 19:51:34

Thanks they. Dr Google says bug too (as she vomited up lunch, pretty much as it went in, 4hrs after the fact). Oh joy! An this but 3 weeks after a bout of diarrhea and when I've got a massive work deadline looming. Yay!

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