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What does your 16 month old eat for lunch?

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Pollycracker Thu 27-Mar-14 13:48:20

I make DD the usual sandwich, crisps/snack a jacks, cheese, fruit, yogurt, cereal bar/flapjack etc... But she rarely eats her sandwiches! It doesn't seem like a proper lunch if I don't make a sandwich but I'm constantly throwing them in the bin.

So, what would be a good alternative? What do you make?

BotBotticelli Thu 27-Mar-14 13:53:25

Have u tried different kinds of sandwiches: my 16mo not keen on proper bread but will eat a pitta bread toastie melt thing (lightly toast pitta, fill with a scrape of pesto and some grated cheese and then microwave for 15 secs to melt the cheese), or little 'pizzas' made from an English muffin slices in half, lightly toasted, spread with a little bit of tomato purée, grated cheese and then grilled...

TravellingToad Thu 27-Mar-14 13:53:36

I would ditch the crisps, cereal bar and flapjack. They are full of crap. The sugars in flapjack outweigh the good oats IMO.

I'd give just half a sandwich (one slice of bread folded) and some grapes/blueberries/cheese/carrot stick/cucumber/pepper sticks.

That's plenty at that age.

Artandco Thu 27-Mar-14 13:53:41

Mine are now 2 and 4 but have never liked sandwiches. For lunch they usually have:

Homemade soup - I make and freeze extra each time

Pasta with pesto/ a tomato sauce and veg - I bulk make a tomato/ veg/ lentil sauce and freeze

Fried rice - rice/ egg/ any veg

Cheese on toast, with fruit

Boiled egg and soldiers.

Leftover anything from night before. Sometime add salad/ cheese/ veg depending on what it is

milkyman Thu 27-Mar-14 13:56:42

Artando what is the recipie for lentil pasta sauce?

Pollycracker Thu 27-Mar-14 13:57:14

Thanks everyone.

It was hard to get her to sleep through the night (about 8 months ish) and I think I get paranoid that if she doesn't eat much she won't sleep.

So I think if I only gave her cheese, fruit and veg she'd just have little bites and leave the rest.

She does quite like sandwich thins, and I like the pitta bread idea, thank you.

Artandco Thu 27-Mar-14 14:02:20

Milky - it varies depending on what we have in to use up. However last one was x2 tins tomatoes, 100g lentil approx, x3 carrots, x2 onions, x2 courgette, a leek, garlic, red pepper. Basically sauté veg down in large pan, add tomatoes and lentils once softened. Cook for an hour. Blitz with blender. Freeze in portions

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