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Q for mums with grown up kids

(2 Posts)
croquet Wed 26-Mar-14 14:08:14

I've been trying to navigate the childcare jungle for my DD -- I won't bore you with our various solutions... but I just wondered whether mums with grown up kids think that the kind of childcare they had had any effect on the kids in the long term. I.e. Do stay at home kids find it harder to be independent when they're older etc.? Or was it less common twenty years ago to use nurseries.
Thanks - just curious. Once you start thinking about it it's a real can of worms!

WestieMamma Wed 26-Mar-14 16:39:16

I think, like most things, it depends entirely on the child in question. My daughter went to a nursery and later a childminder. She was much better off at the nursery as she benefitted most from the more structured set up.

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