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quick question re:washing baby clothes

(4 Posts)
MummyLuce Tue 25-Mar-14 13:29:30

im having DD2 by c section on Friday and just sorting out DD1's newborn/0-3 clothes in preparation. I washed and stowed them away in May last year, they have been sitting in plastic boxes on top of my wardrobe since then. would you re-wash them before using them for DD2??

minipie Tue 25-Mar-14 14:21:19

Um, no I wouldn't - assuming the plastic boxes are reasonably dust/insect proof.

Good luck on Friday!

gamerchick Tue 25-Mar-14 14:23:03

I probably would put them on a rinse with a bit of conditioner to freshen them up but it's one of those things where you can choose any option I think.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Tue 25-Mar-14 14:23:42

I wouldn't, if they haven't got dusty in the meantime.

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