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HELP! 5 Month Old Constantly Whinging

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ProudMumaa Tue 25-Mar-14 06:28:28

hiya my 5 month old lg is constantly whinging there is no reason for it at all she does it all day and its starting to grate on me.. please help

malteser17 Tue 25-Mar-14 15:53:28

There is normally a reason babies complain, even if it's not obvious to you at first. Assuming you've checked she isn't hungry, too cold, too hot, her nappy doesn't need changing or she doesn't need a sleep, have you tried taking her out to the park or somewhere different to what she's done before? It could be that she just gets bored easily.

Beesneeze82 Tue 25-Mar-14 18:50:49

Could it be teeth. My ds did this around the same age and in retrospect I think his teeth were bothering him. I feel for you as it ground me down too. Try some cucumber sticks-nice and cool on her gums.

ZuleikaD Tue 25-Mar-14 20:05:58

How much are you carrying her? She may be wanting physical contact - babies often need more when they're having a developmental spurt as it helps their brains develop properly. Does she quieten if you pick her up?

BotBotticelli Tue 25-Mar-14 20:35:41

Agree, might be teething starting. Is she also red in the cheeks, dribbling loads, or stuffing her hands in her mouth? If so, maybe try a wee dose of calpol and see if she cheers up....if she does, then there's your answer! Teeth!

Also, I have to say this was a bit of a miserable grumpy age for my DS...he couldn't sit up, or do anything yet and I think he was reall bored and frustrated at being a baby! He enjoyed a 10 minute stint in a door bouncer at this age, and I borrowed a jumperoo which used to buy me 10 mins of quiet!

I also read loads of colourful story books with him and i have to say let him watch 10 mins of Baby TV (sky channel 623) a couple of times per day on my lap. I never really got into the whole babywearing thing but if that's your bag then a sling might help too?

I have to say, from this age onwards I started going out the house twice a day with my son. Every goddamn day. And I still do now at 16mo. He just gets incredibly bored and frustrated at home (we live in a small flat which doesnt help). So at that age I started going to various mum and baby groups at various local church halls, just being in a different room with different toys/people to look at seemed to cheer him up a bit. I also started cheapo swimming lessons (basically singing nursery rhymes in the kids pool) at the council pool once a week, and as the weather gets nicer you can go for a walk in a park once a day. In the meantime a stroll round some shops? Local libraries often do free 'rhyme time' singing sessions 5mo she might just be old enough to appreciate a few rounds of the wheels on the bus?

Once your LO can sit up properly you can do more (a trip to the swings, plonk her in a trolley and walk around tesco - ds still loves a trolley ride), and then once she can walk it will get 100% easier. DS is a boisterous toddler now but it is SO much easier than when he was a miserable baby!! We can do things now....pick up leaves in the park together, soft play, walking around the fish at the local garden centre, toddler groups. It DOES get easier. You just ave to hang in there if you have a bit of a grumpy baby. And try not to swing for those mums with placid contented little babies who sit there chewing their fists all day smile

BotBotticelli Tue 25-Mar-14 20:38:48

Oh, and have you considered trying your Lo on a bit of food? I know, I know, the official guidelines recommend starting weaning at 5mo but they're just guidelines and every baby is different. My DS was definitely ready for food by 5mo and he cheered up infinitely when I gave him a little bit of baby porridge and some pureed vegetables and fruit.....

Lots of people on MN are very opinionated about this, but I am going to stick my neck above the parapet and say it might be worth a go.

Obvs make sure you read up on what you can give them before 6mo (basically just veg and fruit, and baby rice/baby porridge that you make up with formula or breast milk). After 6mo anything goes so you can introduce dairy, carbs, meat and fish etc, oh and cows milk in cooking.

cupcake78 Tue 25-Mar-14 20:39:03

It could be teeth, frustration, poorly tum, tiredness, wanting cuddles, hungry/thirsty, bored.

Have you had her checked over by gp. Ears, throat etc?

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