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So much pain :-(

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Barbamamama Tue 25-Mar-14 06:19:48

Hi everyone, I thought my ds was teething but last night he was in our bed from 10pm literally crawling all over the bed screaming and rolling around with pain.
This is tooth number 7 and (bottom tooth on left next to middle teeth hS just broken through) none of the others have caused him as much pain as this so I'm worried it could be something else.
Everytime the calpol wore off he would wake up and crawl and roll around screaming again. I gave him teetha sachets too but they didn't do anything and I had to force calpol into his mouth (he didn't want anything in his mouth)
Has anyone else's lo been like this with teeth? Am worried it's something else as we've had such a bad night. Will phone HV and maybe GP when they open. Will feel like such a time waster if it's just teeth though!!

teacher123 Tue 25-Mar-14 06:40:49

Poor little mite, sounds awful :-(
We have found that calprofen works better for teeth, and have been known to alternate them to get maximum pain relief. Anbesol is also good as it's really numbing, I use it when my wisdom teeth flare up!

Hope he feels better soon.

Ledkr Tue 25-Mar-14 06:52:59

I would definitely see gp, teething should never be this painful. It might be his error something else hurting him but I'd never out that level of pain down to teething (ex nurse and mum of five) please get him checked.

Ledkr Tue 25-Mar-14 06:54:17

Ear sorry not error hmm

SuperDuperTrooper Tue 25-Mar-14 10:55:07

How's his temp? If he's still uncomfortable now I'd take him to the doctors too. Sounds awful poor little thing.

Pregnantagain7 Tue 25-Mar-14 13:13:34

Poor little thing teething can be so awful for them, I would def get him checked over but second what teacher said anything ibuprofen based is better for teeth if he's still as bad today is would alternate ibuprofen with calpol so you can give one every two hours to stay on top of the pain hope he feels better soon

minipie Tue 25-Mar-14 14:25:32

agree with ibuprofen but also if it carries on do get him checked at a GP or even dentist - it's possible he might have something else going on, I'm wondering maybe an abcess in the gum or something??

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