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Co sleeping with 14 month old

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sunshine1991 Mon 24-Mar-14 09:01:04

For the past few days my dd been very unwell temp 40 c crying etc she even got rushed to hospital again 2nd time in a few weeks thankfully she s
Acting better today but last night she wasn't apart from temp back to norm she wudint sleep in cot only close to me or dh I was so tried so I co sleep with her first time ever I feel so bad for it (am againt co sleeping due to SIDS ) also at the hospital I started crying and got really stressed which is not normal for me I just wanted to run cos she was crying for hours but wing hitting What kind of mother am I that does that when her baby's unwell . Btw I have no idea why am putting this here. Also she's been driving lots maybe it was teething not a virus ?

StarsAbove Mon 24-Mar-14 10:44:46

It's always hard when your little ones are ill, you're the kind of Mum who is doing her best under pressure!
I'm not sure if you are asking about safety for co sleeping but you can make it as safe as possible, here is some advice:
I've been co sleeping with my 12 month old since birth as she refused to sleep anywhere else!
Hope your DD is feeling better soon.

ZebraZeebra Mon 24-Mar-14 12:21:45

Don't feel bad - you are doing your best, a sick baby is very hard! Having her rushed to hospital must have been very scary and stressful for you.

Co sleeping can be made very safe - like anything like in the cot with feet-to-foot, you just follow a few precautions. Don't feel bad for it - it can be very bonding and safe.

Just to put your mind at rest - co-sleeping doesn't cause SIDS. SIDS is an unexplained death. If co-sleeping were the cause of death, it wouldn't be classed as SIDS. You can make it safe by having her on top of your duvet - easiest if she's in a sleeping bag - and making sure there is no space between wall and mattress for her to fall down. To be honest, at 14 months, they are robust and can roll and wriggle out and about. I have been co sleeping with my 17 month old since he was born and he actually wriggles and starfishes so much in the night, he gets control of most of the bed while I'm on the edge.

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