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My 5 year old has his first official crush... kinda!

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MultipleMama Thu 20-Mar-14 14:35:42

Had the most bizarre but adorable conversation with my 5 year old, today.

Me: So, have you got a girlfriend?
DS: I too young, Mama! whispers I have crush though!
Me: What's their name?
DS: Hopper (Astronaut Mike Hopkins)
Me: He's too old for you, you know.
DS: He is not, Mama. I am too young. And he's my crush not boyfriend, silly mama.
Me: Okay, so why do you like him?
DS: He's pretty... and brave 'cause went into space!
Me: Anything else?
DS: He has big smile, too!
Me: And big arms like Uncle Ivan.
DS: I know. But I don't have Uncle Ivan, he pretty too but he's my favourite Uncle.
Me: Of course.

Fast forward 10 minutes...

DS: Mama? I draw a picture for Hopper and write letter. You send it okay?
Me: Okay.

I just want to squeeze his cheeks! He's so cute grin but growing up way too fast for my liking! Now.. to find where to send NASA fan mail...

I just had to share this! smile

superstarheartbreaker Thu 20-Mar-14 22:47:16

My 5 year old likes Nial from one direction. I had no idea they started so young!

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