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Weaning and how much food

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toni74 Wed 19-Mar-14 14:29:54


I should know the answer but I don't wink !

Im weaning our 7mo and according to formula he should be on approx 600ml (3 bottles).

I have been feeding him half a jar of baby food (7mo) at each mealtime (dinner and tea), but this doesn't seem to satisfy him, are the jars intended as one meal? With our oldest I always gave them half a jar, a mini yogurt and probably 4-5 bottles at this age.

Do you think I should give him the whole jar of food and this should cut down on the formula and help him sleep thru that night (hes only waking up once in the night), and stick to 3-4 little guy is a chunky monkey!!

Sorry I should know what to do but struggling with this at the moment, he has porridge in the morning, followed by a bottle, or does anyone have any ideas for staggering the formula thru the day...

Should add we do give him some of our food when we eat at the table (blandest part of the meal, usually vegetable in sticks...)

Thank you xxx

chocolatesolveseverything Wed 19-Mar-14 17:31:01

If he's hungry, then give him more food. I wouldn't make it any more complicated than that. smile Different babies eat different amounts of solids and milk so trust your instincts and go with what he seems to want. As long as he's still having a decent amount of milk each day still, he'll be fine.

ShoeWhore Wed 19-Mar-14 17:36:10

I agree with chocolate - he sounds like he'd like a bit more. And as long as he's not cutting back too much on his milk, I'd let him have it!

I wouldn't assume he can only eat very bland food either. Babies can surprise you with how much they like strong tastes ime.

toni74 Wed 19-Mar-14 21:50:07

Thankyou for the quick responses. I think well up his food and keep his formula at the 600ml a day. Have just done my food shop and made sure there's lots of foods he can eat, namely fruit and veg!!! wink

lolalotta Sun 23-Mar-14 05:55:40

I wouldn't bother with the jars, have ever tried a spoonful yourself? They're not very tasty. Plus they're expensive. It doesn't take that long to cook some fruit/ veg mash it up and freeze it in portions. I do mine in ice cube trays and pop them all in a bag once frozen. Then if your giving him finger food on top of that you're sorted! grin

mumofboyo Sun 23-Mar-14 08:44:51

Hi, we did the same as lotta but we'd use the empty jars to store food we had made.
We weaned dd at around 6months using the purée and she'd have a full jar plus a pudding for dinner and tea; she wouldn't take much milk though so I hid it in the food. When she was taking 4 puréed meals (breakfast, dinner, tea, supper) we started giving her more solid, 'proper' food.
I personally think, as pp said, if they're hungry, feed

poocatcherchampion Sun 23-Mar-14 18:50:48

food doesn't need to be bland just not salty. dd2 also 7mo had roast beef today with everything. dd1 who is 2 even had English mustard with hers.

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