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Birthday presents for DS 2yrs old

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sharond101 Tue 18-Mar-14 22:03:51

What went down well with your 2yr old?His birthday is in May. He already has in his toy collection,
Little Tikes car
road and garage with cars
selection of animals
bubble machine
ride on car
space hopper
ball pit
and loads more....

Already on my list are a new paddling pool and a toy storage system. He loves tractors and animals. He loves climbing and has bundles of energy. There is a swing park near us so not so bothered about a slide for the garden.

stressbucket1 Wed 19-Mar-14 01:42:06

Happy land stuff, play doh, toy kitchen they were favourites with our 2 yo

stressbucket1 Wed 19-Mar-14 01:42:51

Oh and play food is very popular too

TravellingToad Wed 19-Mar-14 02:01:08

DS also 2 in May. His favourites are duplo, happy land, his scooter, play doh, stickers, little electric train for the train track.

MooseBeTimeForSpring Wed 19-Mar-14 03:00:34

DS was 2 at Christmas. He loves stickers, bubbles, his toy mobile phone, his wooden trike and his play kitchen/food.

Theyaremysunshine Wed 19-Mar-14 08:30:01

Scooter or balance bike. Brilliant for a spring/summer birthday.

sillymillyb Wed 19-Mar-14 08:34:33

Ds is 2 on Sunday - I've got him a scooter and some other bits and bobs (play dog, puzzles, sticker books)

this has gone down a treat as well (hope link converts as I'm on phone!)

sillymillyb Wed 19-Mar-14 08:34:57

Play doh even. No dogs!

Theyaremysunshine Wed 19-Mar-14 10:13:23

Oh yes, DS has that water boat too silly. He still plays with it now at nearly 4.

MyNameIsKenAdams Wed 19-Mar-14 10:18:40

Play Kitchen. The Ikea one is brilliant.

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