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How did you entertain your under-1s?

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TrixieLox Tue 18-Mar-14 08:00:19

I only have 2 and half months left of maternity leave and I want to ensure I make the most of it. Other than outings, long walks, picnics and meet ups with friends / family, what can I do indoors with my little girl (she's 9 months old). I'm struggling to entertain her. We play, sing and use musical instruments, do little puppet shows and throw her ball between us. But I feel there must be more I can do too? If you have any ideas / things you did with your little ones, please do share!

trilbydoll Tue 18-Mar-14 10:54:01

You do more than me! DD is very proud of her crawling / standing skills so a lot of the time I sit on the floor and she climbs all over me.

Peekaboo, a lot of peekaboo. Mainly I try to do washing / cooking etc and she tries to undo whatever I have just done. A particular favourite is pulling wet washing off the airer!

It is difficult, I think if it was summer she is at an age where we could have some water based play outside but it is still a bit cold really.

MummyLuce Tue 18-Mar-14 12:21:32

Swimming? Splash babies or water babies? Feeding ducks / playground? She's old enough for the baby swings now x

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