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Calling all October 2003 mums - How's it going?

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ragtaggle Sun 14-Mar-04 14:40:43

Hello...Inspired by the 'calling all November 2003 mums' thread I thought I'd find out how all the October babies are doing. My dd was born on October 12th at home so is now 23 weeks (Or thereabouts - am actually losing track now) She is lovely and giving me so much pleasure, particularly now she's smiling and laughing a lot. She now sleeps from 7 until about five when she feeds and goes back to sleep. I think she's finally dropped the 3 am feed which is great as I found getting back to sleep after I'd fed her at that time very hard. (Motherhood has turned me into a raging insomniac.) I say 'think' because I now know that everything can and change in a heartbeat. She slept through from six weeks until about ten weeks and then the nightskept on changing from there. And I imagine will continue to do so!

How are all the other October babies doing? Would love to know....

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