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When to have DC2?

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GeorgieJo Mon 10-Mar-14 20:55:54

DC1 is five months, I am 32 but DH is 46. We want to have at least 2 DC, and I secretly think 3 would be perfect...

So the question is, when should we start ttc?

DH thinks we should wait until DC1 is at least 2 before thinking about DC2 - he argues it wouldn't be fair to have another baby when DC1 is still a baby.

I am worried about having two tiny ones, but equally if we wait then DH could be 50 before DC2 (let alone DC3) is born.

What do other people think? Any experience of small age gaps or older fathers? (He is a young healthy and active 46!)

mumofboyo Mon 10-Mar-14 21:55:14

There's 17 months between mine. I can honestly say that having two dc under 2 is the most difficult thing I've ever done; but that's all but forgotten now the youngest is 1.5 and the eldest is nearing 3 and potty trained - no more changing 5+ pooey nappies per day! I'm enjoying them more as they grow in independence and their characters are coming out and it's great to see and hear them play fight together: to watch their bond as brother and sister develop. It's not what we planned - we hoped to have a larger gap - but now I'm.actually glad they're close in age. I hated the baby stage and am happy to be leaving that behind!

WhispersOfWickedness Mon 10-Mar-14 22:04:59

What mumofboyo said grin

Although there are 20 months between mine and they are now 4 and 2.6.
Now I am very happy with the age gap, but the first 18 months were a very hard slog and I am still recovering from it sleep-wise!

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