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Slings... Which one worked for you?

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RebeccaJames Mon 10-Mar-14 20:26:28

I just very reluctantly returned a Boba 3G sling. I loved it for Baby (3 months and too heavy for retro Baby Bjorn that I have, which sits all on your shoulders instead of additional waist support) but I felt like the straps needed to be clipped together at the back, and one buckle seemed to rub under one arm as I walked.

I'm desperate to get a new one but unsure which. The next local sling meet isn't for weeks.

Any suggestions?!

marzipananimal Mon 10-Mar-14 20:33:20

Manduca is very similar to the boba 3g but a bit more comfy IMO. You can cross the straps over when carrying baby on your front which is a big plus. I have a connecta - less structured than the others and has a better (imo) hood

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