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Help with fancy dress costume

(2 Posts)
Fink Mon 10-Mar-14 17:04:14

DD has to go to nursery dressed as a nursery rhyme character. I had a costume planned but have just tried it on and realised it is unwearable owing to irreperable tears all over the back.

So, I'm working tomorrow and won't have time to make/buy anything new. The only thing she's got which is suitable at home is an Indian salwar kameez (tunic, trousers and head scarf) in pale blue with plastic jewels. Is there any nursery rhyme character I can pretend this is?

It's probably not relevant, but we're not ethnically Indian. And we do have other things which we could use as props - wands, teapots, bangles, crowns etc.

lockie1983 Mon 10-Mar-14 18:20:12

Not sure about the costume you have but ... Do you have a toy spider / could you draw and cut out a picture of a spider? Put her in a dress, pin on the spider and send her in as little miss muffet. If you feel like it add bowl and spoon.

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