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anyone else find 16mths tricky and a bit of a shock?

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milkyman Mon 10-Mar-14 13:56:42

I have no dont it wil get more tiring but my ds never stops!

BotBotticelli Mon 10-Mar-14 16:32:47

Hello, recognise you from a number of threads. My DS is 15mo and a real live wire. I am back at work 4 days per week now and I am loving my calm days in the office (plus he gets to run round nursery like a loon all day, comes home knackered and sleeps well).

Sorry - that's nt v helpful if you're a SAHM sad

Maximum respect to you if you are though - it is so exhausting looking after a boisterous boy.

On my days off with DS we go out morning and afternoon - never spend longer than 2 hours in the house. So toddler group in te morning and swimming in the afternoon, or rhyme time in the morning and visit grandmas in the afternoon. Broken up by lunch and his nap at home in the middle (I collapse on the sofa during his nap!).

Me and DH follow this routine at weekends too. It's the only way to survive the carnage in our small flat!

PollyIndia Mon 10-Mar-14 16:39:35

BotBoticelli, I go to work for a rest too! And ditto, always get up and go out - I am often in the park by 9am! DS is pretty crazy. Plus he cut 3 canines this weekend which made him even more hectic. He sleeps well, but sleeping well still means being up at 630am then it's non-stop. I am single (well dating someone, but been on my own with DS since pregnancy) and it's felt relentless over the last month. Probably doesn't help that now I am dating someone I am not going to bed at 9 every night!!
Anyway yes, 16 months has been hard here too!

Melonbreath Mon 10-Mar-14 18:58:41

I am finding it so much easier! Dd will now entertain herself for 10 minutes, has fun in the park, play with toys and for the last week has slept through until 6 am. Up until last week it was 3 wake ups a night and taking up to an hour to resettle each time. 7 hours sleep in onego a night has done wonders my capabilities.
Plus she's that much funnier running about with her fat little legs at lightening speed and jabbering away.

I had a non sleeping velcro baby so was a shattered mess for the last year!

ZebraZeebra Tue 11-Mar-14 09:36:54

I walk him twice a day like a dog grin

Since he's been able to do more stuff physically, he's been sleeping through - the last four months or so. But his energy is insane. I just do a LOT of physical play - gymnastics, roughhousing, taking a ball to the park, swimming, running about outside, running about inside. I don't care if he's climbing all over the furniture or going up and down stairs all the time - anything to wear him out.

We either have an early morning walk and go out again later, or go out for four or five hours a day.

ZebraZeebra Tue 11-Mar-14 09:40:37

Posted too soon. He will do the whole transporting schema type play but will hardly sit still and play with say - paint or anything. He wrestles most of his cuddly toys and dolls. He's just very physical, but that suits me and DH because we're a bit like that. I wouldn't mind if he liked to sit and play quietly though! Might be quite nice sometimes...

livenlet Tue 11-Mar-14 09:47:28

I think this is the best age it is very tyring but lots of fun there coming into there own climbing , exploring , etc the trick is to keep them busy and wear them out its the only way to get five mins. to your self , my 16m has just masterd climing the dineing table

YokoUhOh Tue 11-Mar-14 09:50:51

DS was 16mo yesterday and has had a week of high temps and grizzliness due to molars appearing sad taking him to the park is the only thing that cheers him up, think he prefers being at the CM than with me as there's more to do. He appears to have gone right off books, which has made me a bit sad, perhaps he's too busy? On the upside, he entertains himself and loves singing/dancing/racing so it's not all sad faces.

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