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Four month old head support

(2 Posts)
Excited85 Sun 09-Mar-14 08:30:53

My dd (4 months) has been able to hold her own head up for a while now and is now doing all the usual developments is trying to sit up and roll. However I'm noticing she's lifting her head less and less - her default setting is chin to chest and she often looks around/interracts from this position. I know she can lift her head as she is fine when on her front but I'm worried she's choosing not to, as if her head is too heavy.

Has anyone any suggestions for encouraging her or strengthening her neck? Also should I be worried? Thanks.

BlueFrenchHorn Sun 09-Mar-14 18:44:05

Do you do much tummy time? That helps strengthen neck muscles as does time in a sling or carrier I think. If you're concerned I would get her checked out by a GP.

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