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ninoo Sun 02-Mar-14 10:29:53

Time to leave the hot-housing alone and get back to some fun! My poem was written some time ago but it has got worse!

The School Gate

Samantha can count up to ten
And they say she’s amazingly bright
If we start Cantonese straight away
She can practise it every night.
What can yours do?

Oh, Jack is the top of his year
And he’ll have to move up to the next!
He can use the new lap, is a master of web
And is really proficient at text.
What can yours do?

Olivia plays violin
We had one especially made
For a child who’s so young it just had to be done
And its worth all the money we paid

What! Haven’t you got him in school?
He’ll never keep up with the rest
There just won’t be time if you don’t
And then he will fail every test!

I think he is fine as he is
I don’t need a genius at two!
I want him to grow at his pace
Not rush him through hurdles like you

He pulls all the heads off my flowers
Then brings them, a present, to me.
He spends hours just messing around
Then snuggles up, tired, on my knee.

No, he doesn’t do what he is told
What he does, though, is never unkind
He is bold, he is brave, he is fun
He’s a typical child you will find.

He can laugh till he lights up the sun
He can cry till he draws down the moon
With his head resting here near my heart
I don’t want him to grow up too soon!

When he’s grown these memories stay
I’m sure you will find this is true
He’ll be so filled with wonder and love
There’ll be nothing on earth he can’t do!

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