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Help needed- dihorrea in 2 year old

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Fireytiger Sun 02-Mar-14 09:50:05

Since the end of January my 2 year old has been suffering from 'loose stools'. It's been off and on. Nothing to be concerned about I thought. However in the last week she has again had loose stools followed with two nights of being sick (tues & wed) - finally I thought it has worked through her system and she would start to get back to normal. However the past three days they are worse than ever. What I would actually call diahorrea - she had a leak this morning before she realised she needed a poo. She has so far today sat on the potty for 20 minutes without doing anything.

I think I need advice, my older son was always ok. She normally eats lots, has been potty trained since Christmas - she eats the same as us at home and nothing usual has been introduced into her diet. I can't fathom it out.

Please experienced mums can I have some help?

Ilovecake80 Sun 02-Mar-14 10:26:20

I would take her to the doctor they may ask for a stool sample, she may need antibiotics. Is she having lots of water/cordial? would keep fruit juice to a minimum if she normally likes lots. Have you tried sachets of diarlyte replaces minerals lost through d & v you can get them from the chemist. But I would make a trip to the doctors.

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 02-Mar-14 10:28:30

Is it worse after particular foods?

Wheat or dairy or sweeteners etc?

Have you wormed her?

Fireytiger Sun 02-Mar-14 11:26:49

Someone else mentioned the dreaded worms! No it's something I'm hoping not to have to do but it looks like a trip to the doctors. I didn't want to over react but just can't see an end to it. I thought with worms you had to actually see them to diagnose them? She's not been itching or anything.

I'm keeping foods to a minimum - I've been giving her Ribena very diluted and keeping her fluids up but even the most basic of foods just go straight through.

Thanks for the advice

Mamabear12 Sun 02-Mar-14 22:12:12

Try bananas - that is supposed to help firm up stools. Stay away from juice, that causes more loose stools. Give clear liquids - water or water mixed w some sprite. White bread toasted, white rice are supposed to be good as well. These foods w bananas r good at firming up stools.

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