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Anyone struggling with a 3yo regression?

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matana Sat 01-Mar-14 14:43:28

Ds is 3.3yo and has hit a really testing time. His behaviour has gone backwards - doing things he knows he shouldn't do, asking to be carried or picked up a lot, talking in his sleep and having a few night 'terrors'. Yesterday he became hysterical when he saw a wood louse when he's usually so interested in creepy crawlies. He said it would hurt him because it's got legs! He's crying lots more, getting huffy when we say no for the slightest thing and is doing lots of things because he apparently wants to be a baby again. I know this can be quite common but how can I get him through it? I just feel so sorry that he's having such a hard time! Yesterday he wet his pants twice at nursery and was quite distraught the second time sad

woollybobs Sat 01-Mar-14 22:23:19

Sounds just like my ds he is 3.1. Since he has turned 3 he has become horrid. Kicking and screaming over everything, crying and moaning all the time.

Where has my lovely 2 year old gone!

Your not alone!

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