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Lego storage - please save me & the vacuum!

(11 Posts)
Basketofchocolate Fri 28-Feb-14 14:19:33

DS 5 now has a lot of the normal Lego. However, it's all in one box.

How do you stop losing the tiny, tiny bits and also, aid finding them when the emergency driver suddenly needs his walkie-talkie right now??

Is it a case of compartment storage .e.g. tackle box type thing?

ZuleikaD Fri 28-Feb-14 14:28:41

Yes, those can be good. Amazon has loads of toolboxes and mini-storage drawers. I'd also suggest making a Lego playboard - a piece of hardboard with a rim screwed on all the way round the edge (look in a DIY place for door trim) so that bits don't just roll off the table on to the floor.

ouryve Fri 28-Feb-14 14:30:03

DS1 just uses plastic trays to contain his lego when playing with it.

MrsReallyFedUpWithItAll Fri 28-Feb-14 14:32:40

Ha! You just wait. It'll be all in 6 boxes in a few years. It will over take your entire house. You will have recently built sets, half demolished sets that are turning into something else, you'll also have sets that are in complete bits (these are the Lego pieces in the 6 large boxes!). You may even have Lego things in big cardboard boxes just to keep them out of the way.
We've tried the Yellow Lego Storage Head (good for small bits, but a nightmare realistically as you can't find anything it it). We've tried colour-coding all the Lego in different boxes - a total disaster as it took ages to do, took up the entire lounge, then if DS builds anything or plays with it, someone has to put back into correct colour coded boxes. Much easier and less time-consuming to sweep all bits into a random bucket.
Realistically, I think for small specific bits what you suggest is a very good idea (small plastic box with compartments - Rymans sell such things for craft activities). It does mean you have to actually put them away after each play or when dismantling. The most I've done is a People Bucket. All people, bits of people, and people things (like wine glasses, swords etc) go in the People Bucket.
I have no doubt hoovered up lots of very important Lego bits in my time! Good luck.

ZuleikaD Fri 28-Feb-14 14:39:18

FWIW, I restrict Lego to the spare room that has a laminate floor and doesn't get vaccuumed, it gets swept, so fewer crucial bits get lost!

MisForMumNotMaid Fri 28-Feb-14 14:48:27

Best thing we've ever done with our lego collection was select half a storage box of good bits and put the rest up in the loft/ gave it away.

We now use one of these.

It gets played with far more now we have less and they can actually search through what we've got.

MimsyBorogroves Fri 28-Feb-14 14:51:04

We have a separate box for minifigs and their equipment. Everything else goes in any of the 5 other boxes.

Completed pieces go in bedrooms, on our lego shelf (if they're to be kept away from toddler) or on the lego table (table with base plates blu tacked on) for everyone to play with.

Basketofchocolate Fri 28-Feb-14 16:19:45

i don't think he'll be allowed too much more, at least for a few years yet.
Will try a hobby box for now i think but expect that to be filled up with something else soon enough.

FaintlyMacabre Fri 28-Feb-14 16:28:50

We have one of these which is pretty good for all the generic Lego, then a Star Wars box/mat as above for the Star Wars lego. Other sets go into sturdy Tupperware type boxes or a Trofast tray, depending on size. I try to get them to use a tray (just a normal kitchen type) for building.

There is also the school of thought that it should ALL be mixed up together for maximum creativity (thanks DH), but I'm not allowing that until they're old enough to find the bits they need without involving me!

Ferguson Fri 28-Feb-14 18:35:48

Our DS ended up with Technic, Lego computer gadget (20 years ago) and masses of electric Lego railway.

BEWARE if leaving models made up in sunlight, as the white bricks in particular, can turn yellow.

LillianGish Fri 28-Feb-14 18:43:09

Think we have finally cracked it now ds is 10!!! We have several stacks of clear plastic drawers from Wilko or similar and ds has categorised bits by colour. V small bits such as you mention are indeed sorted in a box intended for sorting screws, nails etc. He also has lots of open shelves to display completed models. This regimentation has, as others have mentioned, transformed the way he plays with it (I swear we have a similar amount t o the lego store at Westfield), but more crucially because he has decided what goes where he is more motivated to put it away.

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